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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • The window displayed a pyramid of slabs in brownish-purple jackets, inscribed: The Vulture Is Molting.
  • The record I left, when I departed from Madison, is inscribed in the hearts of the poor, who had never had a chance before.
  • He turned to go, when her eyes fell suddenly upon the inscriptions she had noticed, and forgotten, on the walls of the room.
  • In rising, they had brushed aside the mats of paper lace and she saw an inscription cut into the plastic of the table top.
  • She noticed small streaks that looked like inscriptions cut into the wood of the walls, a few scattered lines that seemed made by different handwritings; she could not distinguish the words.
  • Above it, cut in the granite, as the only feature of the building’s rectangular austerity, there stood an inscription: I SWEAR BY MY LIFE AND MY LOVE OF IT THAT I WILL NEVER LIVE FOR THE SAKE OF ANOTHER MAN, NOR ASK ANOTHER MAN TO LIVE FOR MINE.
  • "Dagny Taggart" was still the inscription on the frosted glass panel of the door to her office.
  • "His oath?" she asked, startled, thinking of the inscription on the temple of Atlantis.
  • She looked at the inscriptions on the walls of her room, faintly visible in patches of starlight, but the help those men had called in their darkest hour was not hers to call.
  • Then she realized that she was thinking of Hugh Akston: she had written to him, at his diner in Wyoming, asking him to tell her where he had obtained the cigarette with the dollar sign; her letter had come back, with a postal inscription to inform her that he had moved away, leaving no forwarding address.
  • It was like the beat of three instants-this was the first-and in the next, she felt a stab of ferocious triumph at the knowledge that his effort and his struggle were harder to endure than hers-and, then he moved his eyes and raised his head to look at the inscription on the temple.
  • The shops were small one-story structures, and as they moved past her, she caught familiar names on their signs, like headings on the pages of a book riffled by the car’s motion: Mulligan General Store-Atwood Leather Goods-Nielsen Lumber-then the sign of the dollar above the door of a small brick factory with the inscription: Mulligan Tobacco Company.
  • …able to study the particles and sub particles of cosmic space, would not permit himself to examine his feeling and to know that it was made of three parts: one part was terror of a vision that seemed to stand before his eyes, the vision of the inscription cut, in his honor, over the door of the Institute: "To the fearless mind, to the inviolate truth"-another part was a plain, brute, animal fear of physical destruction, a humiliating fear which, in the civilized world of his youth, he…
  • Attempts had been made to erase it, but the inscription remained, as the graven voice of some unknown drunk’s despair: "Who is John Galt?
  • There was an inscription high on the lustrous tile of its front wall: "Roger Marsh.
  • She let him look at it for a moment, almost as an act of condescending mercy to an adversary struggling to refuel his strength, then she asked, with a note of imperious pride in her voice, pointing at the inscription, "What’s that?

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  • The ring was inscribed with these words...
  • She has her name and office phone number inscribed on her iPad.

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