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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Rearden looked at him inquiringly.
  • The woman looked at her for the briefest instant of a pause; it was an odd glance, inquiring and grave.
  • Not to inquire about my aims, motives or desires is an essential part of their theory.
  • And that you can’t really say in all honesty whether I’m happy or unhappy, because you haven’t even inquired whether I exist?
  • ’1 "I wanted to inquire about the men who owned the factory at the time when you made a loan to-"
  • I don’t believe I ever inquired about their names.
  • Miss Taggart, I have inquired all over the world.
  • When the voice of Mr. Ayers, courteously eager, inquired of what service he could be to her, she asked, "Can you tell me whether Richard Halley has written a new piano concerto, the Fifth?"
  • She saw a man, who had unlocked the door and was leaning out, looking inquiringly ahead through the darkness, ready to step off.
  • They all looked at her with an air of inquiring expectation, as she approached.
  • He had never inquired about them and neither had anybody else.
  • She did not answer; she looked at him inquiringly.
  • He saw none of it in the face of his wife; even anger or hatred would have been preferable to her level, attentive glance; the glance was worse than accusing, it was inquiring.
  • Don’t inquire.

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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