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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • She had learned nothing: neither the reason for the delays nor any indication of the date when the Diesel engines would be produced.
  • No great deposits of metal existed or could be expected to exist there, and there were no indications that could have permitted anyone to be deluded.
  • Larkin’s smile became resigned, to indicate that the remark was merely philosophical.
  • Dr. Ferris rose, being first to indicate that the interview was ended.
  • But how one could feel a personal emotion about a metal alloy, and what such an emotion indicated, was incomprehensible to him; so he could make no use of his discovery.
  • The chairman spread out his hands, with a smooth smile, indicating helplessness.
  • It seems to be established that we cannot continue to afford the operation of some of our branch lines . the Rio Norte Line in particular . and, therefore, some form of action seems to be indicated
  • Then he saw the faintest change in her face, merely the indication of perceiving a human presence, but she was looking past him and he turned and saw that Eddie Willers had entered the office.
  • She waved her hand in a vague motion, indicating the length of her sprawled body.
  • There was the thought that his old workers had always been able to avert disaster; any of them would have seen e indications of a hang-up and known how to prevent it; but there were not many of them left, and he had to employ whatever men he could find.
  • She jerked her head, indicating the door; he followed her obediently.
  • It will promote peace, stability and-as we have indicated-harmony.
  • An astounding number of these mines, as reports pouring in seem to indicate, had continued to be run, even though exhausted years ago.
  • "And even Miss Taggart will, I’m sure, agree that certain temporary retrenchments seem to be indicated, until ."
  • My files indicate the locations of freight cars by state, date, classification and-
  • She spread her hands out in an astonished gesture to indicate the self-evident.
  • "You will please co-operate, Mr. Galt," said Chick Morrison, when Galt was ready, and indicated the door with a courtly gesture of invitation to proceed.
  • "The figures indicate," said Mr. Weatherby primly, "that the continued maintenance of both areas seems to be impossible.
  • This was it, thought Dr. Stadler, this was the incomprehensible element in Ferris’ manner: he had supposed that an indication of his disapproval would be sufficient, but Ferris seemed to remain untouched by it "If a drunken lout could find the power to express himself on paper," said Dr. Stadler, "if he could give voice to his essence-the eternal savage, leering his hatred of the mind-this is the sort of book I would expect him to write.
  • Reports from the various banks indicate that there are no d’Anconia accounts left anywhere; the money has been spent down to the last penny, "Ladies and gentlemen, the d’Anconia fortune-the greatest fortune on earth, the legendary fortune of the centuries-has ceased to exist.

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  • These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
  • She did not indicate which candidate she supports.

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