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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • And most of the foremen, too.
  • I’ll start you as furnace foreman any time.
  • We lost our best engineers, superintendents, foremen and highest skilled workers.
  • The first man to quit at Rearden Steel was Tom Colby, rolling mill foreman, head of the Rearden Steel Workers Union.
  • "What was that talk you had with Dick Horton before he quit?" the road foreman asked too innocently, as if the subject were irrelevant.
  • The trainmaster and the road foreman were there, but they pretended that they were not waiting.
  • After a while, he saw the figure of the road foreman walking across the yards toward the roundhouse.
  • The road foreman walked across the yards, looking down at the ground.
  • The trainmaster and the road foreman stood in the open doorway.
  • Not the same job, but the same place, I mean-I got to be shop foreman.
  • Dave Mitchum sat down at his secretary’s typewriter and, by means of two fingers, carefully typed out an order to the trainmaster and another to the road foreman.
  • A sheaf of sparks went up in the depth of the fog-and she saw the broad back of a foreman whose arm made the sweeping gesture of a signal, directing some invisible task.
  • "What are we going to do?" cried Dave Mitchum, rushing, half-dressed and groggy with sleep, into his office, where the chief dispatcher, the trainmaster and the road foreman of engines were waiting for him.
  • The furnace foreman lay knocked unconscious, the white flow spurted, slowly tearing the hole wider, and men were struggling with sand, hose and fire clay to stop the glowing streaks that spread in a heavy, gliding motion, eating everything on their way into jets of acrid smoke.
  • The first instructed the trainmaster to summon a locomotive crew at once, for a purpose described only as "an emergency"; the second instructed the road foreman to "send the best engine available to Winston, to stand by for emergency assistance."
  • That was that new furnace foreman of ours.
  • "I was your furnace foreman," said Francisco, grinning.
  • When the workers of a factory beat up their foreman and wrecked the machinery in a fit of despair— no action could be taken against them.
  • "Was everyone present?" she had asked the foreman.
  • On the morning of November 29, the workers of a shoe factory in Massachusetts were astonished, on entering their workshop, to find that the foreman was late.
  • On the morning of the day when you were reading my farewell message over the roofs of New York, I was reporting here for my first shift as your furnace foreman.
  • It was that furnace foreman-Frank Adams is his name-who organized our defense, ran the whole battle, and stood on a roof, picking off the scum that came too close to the gate.
  • "We fear an outbreak of violence," the newspapers kept repeating, On October 28, a group of the new workers at Rearden Steel attacked a foreman and knocked the tuyeres off a blast furnace.
  • Rewards and honors were offered to applicants for managerial jobs —then to foremen-then to skilled mechanics-then to any man who would make an effort to deserve a promotion in rank: wage raises, bonuses, tax exemptions and a medal devised by Wesley Mouch, to be known as "The Order of Public Benefactors."
  • But they went to their usual posts and went on with their habitual routine, pulling levers, pressing buttons, feeding leather into automatic cutters, piling boxes on a moving belt, wondering, as the hours went by, why they did not catch sight of the foreman, or the superintendent, or the general manager, or the company president.
  • …seem to function as they had in the days of his cousin Kenneth; the men had become listless and sloppy, he said, because they were exhausted by the harsh discipline of the former management; he could not help it if some of the superintendents and foremen had quit him without reason, men who had been with the company for ten to twenty years; he could not help it if there seemed to be some friction between his workers and his new supervisory staff, even though the new men were much more…
  • In a moment, he said, "Mr. Rearden …. I think I would give the rest of my life for one year as your furnace foreman.
  • We don’t," said the road foreman.
  • Miss Taggart didn’t," said the road foreman.
  • I thought I’d just mention it," the road foreman answered innocently.
  • The road foreman snapped, "Do just as Mr. Mitchum told you.
  • But the half-hour went by in silence, and whet there were only three minutes left, the boy felt a terror he could not explain, except that he did not want to send that order, He turned to the trainmaster and the road foreman, asking hesitantly, "Mr. Mitchum gave me an order before he left, but I wonder whether I ought to send it, because I …. I don’t think it’s right.

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  • She complained to the shop foreman.
  • She was selected as foreman of the jury.

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