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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He smiled, in open appreciation, acknowledging the strength she had needed to say it.
  • Their achievement, she thought, and one moment of acknowledging it, of possessing it together-what greater intimacy could one share?
  • Francisco had said it very simply, neither as a reproach nor a plea, but in a manner which, strangely, acknowledged Rearden’s dignity and his own.
  • One doesn’t crawl by acknowledging it as honestly as that.
  • They envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all men have become their acknowledged inferiors.
  • She saw him smile faintly in deliberate emphasis of what he understood and did not choose to acknowledge.
  • This, she knew, was a tribute to her, the rarest one person could pay another: the tribute of feeling free to acknowledge one’s own greatness, knowing that it is understood.
  • It was as if he had run a race against his own body, and all the exhaustion of years, which he had refused to acknowledge, had caught him at once and flattened him against the desk top.
  • Under his anger, the emotion which Rearden would not acknowledge remained unstated and unthought; he knew it only as a hint of pain.
  • She glanced around, feeling an emotion that would have been sadness, had she had time to acknowledge it.
  • Don’t you want to hear me acknowledge that I’m beaten by you?
  • This was a longing she had never permitted herself to acknowledge.
  • Why are they so sure they’re right? …. If I acknowledge their superiority in the material realm, why don’t they acknowledge mine in the spiritual?
  • Why are they so sure they’re right? …. If I acknowledge their superiority in the material realm, why don’t they acknowledge mine in the spiritual?
  • Her eyes had moved to his, as if acknowledging the full meaning of this encounter, but looking at him as she would have looked anywhere, as she looked at him in his office or in her bedroom.
  • She had a large circle of friends, and he had heard it said that their names represented the heart of the country’s culture, but he had never had time to meet them or even to acknowledge their fame by knowing what achievements had earned it.
  • She pressed the back of her hand to her eyes, trying to dam the outbreak of a despair she had not permitted herself to acknowledge; she had not known the extent of it, nor how little of her endurance the quest had left her.
  • They allow their attention to be divided-at least to the extent of acknowledging achievements in other fields.
  • Rearden chuckled, in the manner of acknowledging an opponent’s round.
  • Your own moral code-the one you lived by, but never stated, acknowledged or defended-was the code that preserves man’s existence.
  • Everything was said, she thought-but knew that it waited to be acknowledged.
  • Lillian let a moment pass, as if to let them both acknowledge the meaning of their silence.
  • He will not acknowledge, but he knows that sex is the physical expression of a tribute to personal values.
  • She would not acknowledge the things she feared or give them the solid shape of words, she knew them only by the ugly, nagging pull of an unadmitted emotion.
  • A blackmailer would show signs of gloating over his victim’s sin and of acknowledging its evil, he would suggest a threat to the victim and a sense of danger to them both.
  • He sat at the wheel of the car, he had not followed her or moved to assist her, as if he had wanted her to acknowledge the past and had respected the privacy of her lonely salute.
  • He looked at her for a silent instant, without greeting, his smile acknowledging that she had been the first person he saw and the first one to see him at his entrance into the ballroom.
  • He will not acknowledge his need of self-esteem, since he scoffs at such a concept as moral values; yet he feels the profound self-contempt which comes from believing that he is a piece of meat.
  • Rearden felt an exultant laughter swelling within him, he felt that he wanted, in his turn, to wink at Francisco like a fellow conspirator who had learned a secret Francisco would not acknowledge.
  • But it is not possible for justice to go out of existence, because one is an attribute of the other, because justice is the act of acknowledging that which exists…… Yes, I am continuing in my profession.
  • He acknowledged to himself, for the first time, all the half-grasped, half-rejected moments when he had thought of Francisco d’Anconia and thrust the thought aside before it became the knowledge of how much he wanted to see him again.
  • Rearden stood still and caught a brief instant when Francisco, not moving, looked at him with the hint of an amused smile that was like a wink between conspirators at a secret they both understood, but would not acknowledge.
  • But you know the unadmitted answer, refusing to acknowledge what you see, what hidden premise moves your world.
  • The unadmitted root of Dr. Stadler’s terror was his frantic struggle not to acknowledge that he was looking at his final product, that this was his spiritual son.
  • Her two words seemed to have hit him worse than any indignant objection; he seemed to be shaking with terror at that which the quiet "I see" had acknowledged seeing.
  • In an age of casual, cynical, indifferent routine, among people who held themselves as if they were not flesh, but meat-Dagny’s bearing seemed almost indecent, because this was the way a woman would have faced a ballroom centuries ago, when the act of displaying one’s half-naked body for the admiration of men was an act of daring, when it had meaning, and but one meaning, acknowledged by all as a high adventure.
  • This great invention was the product of the genius of a man whose devotion to the cause of humanity is not to be questioned, a man acknowledged by all as the greatest mind of the century-Dr. Robert Stadler!
  • It was as if a volcano were cracking open, yet the people at the foot of the mountain ignored the sudden fissures, the black fumes, the boiling trickles, and went on believing that their only danger was to acknowledge the reality of these signs.
  • There was the form of the formless, she thought, there was the method of his consciousness: he wanted her to protect him from Cuffy Meigs without acknowledging Meigs’ existence, to fight it without admitting its reality, to defeat it without disturbing its game.
  • They were eager to believe; he saw the tightening lines of their lips, he saw the occasional glances of suspicion they threw at their neighbors-as if the horror that threatened them was not the sound ray, but the men who would make them acknowledge it as horror.
  • You dart in panic through the trap of your days, looking for the exit you have closed, running from a pursuer you dare not name to a terror you dare not acknowledge, and the greater your terror the greater your dread of the only act that could save you: thinking.
  • In that instant, he felt an impulse which he would not acknowledge: the impulse to tell them that he knew nothing about today’s event, that his power counted for less than theirs, that he had been brought here as a pawn in some confidence game, almost as …. as a prisoner.
  • She had been aware of Galt’s face, she had been seeing, in the shape of his mouth, in the planes of his cheeks, the crackup of that implacable serenity which had always been his, but he still retained it in his look of acknowledging the breach, of admitting that this moment was too much even for him.
  • Cuffy Meigs’ terror had wider roots, it embraced all of existence; he had lived in chronic terror all his life, but now he was struggling not to acknowledge what it was that he had dreaded: in the moment of his triumph, when he expected to be safe, that mysterious, occult breed-the intellectual —was refusing to fear him and defying his power.
  • …of its betters-I saw them seeking, just as they seek to feed on Mulligan’s money, to feed on those hours when I wrote my music and on that which made me write it, seeking to gnaw their way to self-esteem by extorting from me the admission that they were the goal of my music, so that precisely by reason of my achievement, it would not be they who’d acknowledge my value, but I who would bow to theirs…… It was that night that I took the oath never to let them hear another note of mine.
  • He spoke, fighting not to acknowledge the nature of the emotion rising within him, "What sort of effrontery are you indulging in?
  • …of fire, the faces lighted by a look that was both solemn and frantic, the shadings of expressions appearing to sway and weave, as if cast by a distant flame, some frightened, some angry, most of them uneasy, uncertain, expectant, but all of them acknowledging a fact much beyond an industrial catastrophe, all of them knowing what it meant, though none would name Us meaning, all of them carrying a touch of laughter, a laughter of amusement and defiance, the bitter laughter of perishing…
  • He knew what her words were admitting, acknowledging and forgiving him, when she said, "Hank, why don’t you meet me in Colorado in a week?
  • Her face did not change, but a fault note in her voice acknowledged him, a note of gentleness, not reproof: "The old maps of the days before the tunnel.
  • In times of emergency-" She knew what thought he had scurried to avoid, what hint he had given her, yet did not want her to acknowledge or discuss.

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  • She acknowledged that she might have forgotten.
  • It is important to acknowledge the work of others in one’s own writing.

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