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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He had long since become accustomed to the fact that he was Senor d’Anconia of d’Anconia Copper.
  • They were a perfectly sound riskthough, of course, I am speaking in human terms, not in the terms of cold cash, which you are accustomed to expect from bankers.
  • He had become accustomed to the feeling, but he could find no explanation for it; yet the bum had spoken as if he knew that Eddie felt it, as if he thought that one should feel it, and more: as if he knew the reason.
  • The voice had the firmness, the clarity and the special courtesy peculiar to men who are accustomed to giving orders.
  • But, my girl, I said that I do not remember…… But I do not know their names, I do not know any names, I do not know what sort of adventurers my father may have had in that laboratory! …. Don’t you hear me? …. I am not accustomed to being questioned in such manner and …. Don’t keep repeating it.
  • I’m not accustomed to being dragged halfway across a continent without rhyme, reason or notice.
  • I’ve always been misunderstood and I should have been accustomed to it by now, only I thought that you were different and that I had a chance.
  • He was accustomed to hearing speeches extorted by unknown pressure from unwilling victims, and he concluded that this was the case of a reactionary forced to confess a scandal and that, therefore, the speech had, perhaps, some political value; besides, he was curious to hear it "I am proud that he had chosen me to give him pleasure and that it was he who had been my choice.

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  • In the United States we’re accustomed to forming our own opinion about the promises of advertisements and politicians.
  • Actors and politicians are accustomed to less privacy than the rest of us.

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