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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Rearden pressed a button, summoning Miss Ives.
  • When summoned to Rearden’s office, Larkin appeared three days later than the appointment made, offering no apology.
  • Slowly, in answer and in resistance to an unspoken summons, she turned and looked at him.
  • Mouch had summoned them all to Washington, as his friends and personal advisers, for a private, unofficial conference on the national crisis.
  • Then perhaps the ugliness was the only means she could summon to hide it, he thought.
  • It struck him suddenly that he was summoning men to their death, and that of the twenty lives listed on the sheet before him, two would be ended by his choice.
  • He raised the telephone receiver to his ear, he called two numbers, he summoned an engineer and a fireman to report for duty at once.
  • The object of the hatred began to take form, as if summoned by the bells.
  • The trainmaster reached for the telephone in the dispatcher’s office, to summon an engine crew, as ordered.
  • She had left the office earlier than, she intended, unable to summon the effort for any task that could be postponed till morning.
  • The sweep of her hand pressed the light switch and the bell to summon the porter.
  • The first instructed the trainmaster to summon a locomotive crew at once, for a purpose described only as "an emergency"; the second instructed the road foreman to "send the best engine available to Winston, to stand by for emergency assistance."
  • "Miss Taggart!" moaned Mr. Thompson, when she entered his hotel room next morning, in answer to his summons.
  • Hurrying to the elevator, then half-running through the stately lobby of the Wayne-Falkland, she felt herself returning to life at the summons of the possibility of action.
  • The officer’s hand summoned one of them to approach-an unshaved civilian with a shabby overcoat thrown over his shoulders.
  • Tonight, the squad had been augmented to sixteen, summoned for emergency duty by a long-distance telephone call from New York.
  • After a while, he summoned the conductor once more.
  • It was like trying to summon emotion toward inanimate objects, toward refuse sliding down a mountainside to crush him.
  • But the longing came from the certainty that the truth and the right were hers-that the enemy was the irrational and the unreal-that she could not set herself another goal or summon the love to achieve it, while her rightful achievement had been lost, not to some superior power, but to a loathsome evil that conquered by means of impotence.
  • …she would never want to leave him and he would never have the right to leavethe thought that he owed her at least the feeble recognition of sympathy, of respect for a feeling he could neither understand nor returnthe knowledge that he could summon nothing for her, except contempt, a strange, total, unreasoning contempt, impervious to pity, to reproach, to his own pleas for justice-and, hardest to bear, the proud revulsion against his own verdict, against his demand that he consider…
  • But danger, to him, was a signal to shut off his sight, suspend his judgment and pursue an unaltered course, on the unstated premise that the danger would remain unreal by the sovereign power of his wish not to see it-like a foghorn within him, blowing, not to sound a warning, but to summon the fog.
  • He was no longer able to summon the fog to conceal the sight of all those blind alleys he had struggled never to be forced to see: now, at the end of every alley, he was seeing his hatred of existence-he was seeing the face of Cherryl Taggart with her joyous eagerness to live and that it was this particular eagerness he had always wanted to defeat-he was seeing his face as the face of a killer whom all men should rightfully loathe, who destroyed values for being values, who killed in…
  • Miss Taggart, we don’t know what to do," said Mr. Thompson; he had summoned her to a personal conference on one of his scurrying trips to New York.

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  • I was summoned to the principal’s office.
  • I summoned all my courage and walked into the room.

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