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Atlas Shrugged
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Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • She nodded silently, solemnly, as if not trusting herself to find the right words of acceptance.
  • "Yes," he said solemnly, his voice low.
  • What remained of them tonight was only a feeling which he could not name, except that it was quiet and solemn.
  • The vaulting held the solemn peace of a cathedral, spread in protection high above the rushing activity of men.
  • She said in the solemn, merciless tone of a prosecutor, "You did it consciously, cold-bloodedly and with full intention."
  • But when the chairman of the meeting raised his hand, as a solemn signal that they were about to vote, everybody looked at Dan Conway, president of the Phoenix-Durango.
  • Some part of it was joy, but it was solemn like the act of baring one’s head-he did not know to whom.
  • The feeling was solemn and shining; it was almost as if he felt that he wished to honor a woman by the act of possessing her.
  • She saw the suppressed grins on the solemn faces.
  • This was not to be a solemn venture upon which their future depended, but simply their day of enjoyment.
  • Wyatt held her glance for a moment; his answer had a tone of solemn intensity strangely conveyed by a smiling voice.
  • He said slowly, his voice oddly strained and solemn, "I have never claimed to be immaculate."
  • I didn’t know it would be so …. so solemn a place.
  • She had met Dr. Stadler on a few occasions, at banquets given by leading businessmen or great engineering societies, in honor of some solemn cause or another.
  • Her voice was quiet, steady and solemn: "Mr. Lawson, I think I should let you know that of all the statements a man can make, that is the one I consider most despicable."
  • Then she said, not looking at him, as if stating it to herself, "You didn’t want to see anybody tonight, but you want o see me…. " He had never heard so solemn a tone of pride in anyone’s voice.
  • His face suddenly earnest, Francisco answered gravely, almost solemnly, "Yes-what I think is going to be my best and greatest."
  • The capacity for unclouded enjoyment, she thought, does not belong to irresponsible fools; an inviolate peace of spirit is not the achievement of a drifter; to be able to laugh like that is the end result of the most profound, most solemn thinking.
  • She was watching him attentively; the expression of his face pulled hers into the same look of quietly solemn tension.
  • She watched him empty his glass in a single gesture; the brusque, brief movement of his hand made it look like the gesture of some solemn pledge.
  • She knew, by a faint, solemn stress in the tone of his voice, that this was his acceptance of her confession, his surrender, his forgiveness.
  • He opened the door of his house, moving his arm a shade more slowly than normal, giving an imperceptibly solemn emphasis to his gesture.
  • "I got a job for Jeff Alien," he said; his voice had the peculiarly solemn tone proper for saying: I have carried out your last will.
  • There was no trace of amusement left in Francisco’s eyes; Rearden had never faced so solemn a look of respect, "Yes, Mr. Rearden," he answered quietly.
  • It was eagerness and an odd, solemn stillness, the sudden certainty that she was facing the approach of something unknown and of the gravest importance.
  • "John," his voice sounded peculiarly solemn, "could we notify those outside that Dagny is alive …. in case there’s somebody who …. who’d feel as I did?"
  • She turned to look at him and he saw the light of an inner smile, while her face remained solemnly grave; it was the most eloquently personal glance he had ever seen directed at himself, while she answered in a quiet, impersonal voice, "Mr. Taggart, what else is there to look up to?"
  • The light of the lamp hit his face from below, and Rearden could not see his eyes, only his mouth drawn in lines of endurance and oddly solemn resignation.
  • She noticed that Galt smiled, but that his voice was oddly low, almost solemn, as if weighted with unconfessed relief,, when he said very quietly, "Hello."
  • And standing naked in the great light, he was looking quietly, solemnly, stripped of fear, of pain, of hope, with nothing left to him but the desire to know.
  • Her eyes lowered, her face stern, holding her head bowed as in an act of reverence, she said slowly, as if fulfilling a solemn promise, "Will you forgive me?"
  • The question belonged to the present, but the solemn face came from those days on the hill by the Hudson when he would have understood all that the question meant to her.
  • Dagny sat motionless and her face showed nothing but a solemn attention, the attention of listening with the knowledge that the flow of his words would determine the course of her life.
  • The door of the cabin was locked, the sun did not reach into the glazed darkness beyond the windows, and pine branches hung outstretched above the roof like arms spread in protection, in compassion, in solemn blessing.
  • When he was close enough and she could distinguish his face, she saw the look of that luminous gaiety which transcends the solemn by proclaiming the great innocence of a man who has earned the right to be light-hearted.
  • The sound of the engine, beating through the metal shell around her, trembling in the wheel against her palms, like the pounding of a heart strained to a solemn effort, told her of the power carrying her above the peaks.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said solemnly, "John Galt!"
  • "I came to pay a debt," said Cherryl, her voice solemn with the effort to permit herself no sound of emotion.
  • The boy’s face was solemn and taut.
  • "Thank you, Mr. Rearden," he said, his voice solemn and low, then walked away.
  • He felt no emotion, only the sense of a great, solemn clarity.
  • Francisco drew himself up a little, as if for a solemn task, his face earnest, the smile remaining only in his eyes.
  • She sat looking at the map, her glance dispassionately solemn, as if no emotion save respect were permissible when observing the awesome power of logic.
  • Who, then, had been the traitor?-he thought; he thought it almost without feeling, without right to feel, conscious of nothing but a solemnly reverent clarity.
  • He sat still, looking up at her, I love you, he said to the girl on the flatcar, silently pronouncing the words that had been the meaning of that moment four years ago, feeling the solemn happiness that belonged with the words, even though this was how he had to say it to her for the first time.
  • The night was still and clear; she looked at the sky; as her feeling was more solemn than joyous, but held the sense of a future joy-so the air was more windless than warm, but held the hint of a distant spring.
  • a tip, he said quietly, with too earnest, too solemn an emphasis for a mere acknowledgment of the corns, "Thank you, ma’am," She turned swiftly and hurried into the building, not to let him see the emotion which was suddenly more than she could bear.
  • It did not make her feel estranged from the city: it made her feel, for the first time, that she owned the city and that she loved it, that she had never loved it before as she did in this moment, with so personal, solemn and confident a sense of possession.
  • She could not define their expressions, it was not happiness or any emotion pertaining to joy, their faces were taut and solemn, but it was a glowing solemnity-she thought-if this were possible, and the odd glow she felt within her, told her that her own face had the same look.
  • Had he faced it, he would have known that he still heard Francisco’s voice saying, "I am the only one who will offer it …. if you will accept it…… " He heard the words and the strangely solemn inflection of the quiet voice and an inexplicable answer of his own, something within him that wanted to cry yes, to accept, to tell this man that he accepted, that he needed it-though there was no name for what he needed, it was not gratitude, and he knew that it was not gratitude this man had…
  • He looked at the long silhouette, the curves of blast furnaces standing like triumphal arches, the smokestacks rising like a solemn colonnade along an avenue of honor in an imperial city, the bridges hanging like garlands, the cranes saluting like lances, the smoke waving slowly like flags.
  • "Mr. Rearden," said Francisco, his voice solemnly calm, "if you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders-what would you tell him to do?"
  • When he approached, she stood solemnly straight and, looking at his face and at the buildings of the greatest city in the world, as at the kind of witnesses she wanted, she said slowly, her voice confident and steady: "I swear-by my life and my love of it-that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
  • The jewels on the naked shoulders of women carried the glitter of the chandeliers to the shadows of the tables crowded against the distant walls; the severe black-and white of the men’s figures rescued the room’s style of solemnly regal luxury from the discordant slashes made by news cameras, microphones and a dormant array of television equipment.
  • In a moment, he went on, his voice oddly solemn: "It looks like a wall of radio waves jamming the air, and we can’t get through it, we can’t touch it, we can’t break it…… What’s more, we can’t locate its source, not by any of our usual methods…… Those waves seem to come from a transmitter that …. that makes any known to us look like a child’s toy!"
  • The shaft of red smoke that shot to the sky on the night of January 22 and stood abnormally still for a while, like a solemn memorial obelisk, then wavered and swept back and forth across the sky, like a searchlight sending some undecipherable message, then went out as abruptly as it had come, marked the end of Rearden Steel-but the inhabitants of the area did not know it.
  • It was the emotion he had felt when, at the age of fourteen, he had looked at his first pay check-when, at the age of twenty-four, he had been made superintendent of the ore mines-when, as the owner of the mines, he had placed, in his own name, his first order for new equipment from the best concern of the time, Twentieth Century Motorsan emotion of solemn, joyous excitement, the sense of winning his place in a world he respected and earning the recognition of men he admired.
  • There was no emotion in his voice, nothing but the spaced clarity of the sounds he pronounced with full knowledge of their meaning-but she knew that she was witnessing the most solemn moment it would ever be given her to witness, she was seeing a man’s naked soul and the cost it had paid to utter these words, she was hearing an echo of the day when he had pronounced that oath for the first time and with full knowledge of the years ahead-she knew what manner of man had stood up to face…
  • In the silence, the music of the radio symphony went on, and the rhythm of the chords reached her like the slow, solemn pounding of steps, while she struggled to see at once the whole progression of twelve years: the tortured boy who called for help on her breasts-the man who sat on the floor of a drawing room, playing marbles and laughing at the destruction of great industries-the man who cried, "My love, I can’t!" while refusing to help her-the man who drank a toast, in the dim booth…
  • There it was, in the streets of New York City, the only city on earth still able to understand it-in the faces of people, in their whispers, the whispers crackling tensely like small tongues of fire, the faces lighted by a look that was both solemn and frantic, the shadings of expressions appearing to sway and weave, as if cast by a distant flame, some frightened, some angry, most of them uneasy, uncertain, expectant, but all of them acknowledging a fact much beyond an industrial…
  • …of lightness, of rising without effort or doubt or fear, of feeling the twisting installments of stairway dropping down beneath her unhesitant feet, as if the momentum of her irresistible rise were coming from the straightness of her body, the poise of her shoulders, the lift of her head and the solemnly exultant certainty that in the moment of ultimate decision, it was not disaster she expected of her life, at the end of a rising stairway she had needed thirty-seven years to climb.
  • She was seeing those moments aboard a train when, at its plunge into the tunnels, she had felt a sudden, solemn tension, as if this place were showing her in naked simplicity the essence of her railroad and of her life, the union of consciousness and matter, the frozen form of a mind’s ingenuity giving physical existence to its purpose; she had felt a sense of sudden hope, as if this place held the meaning of all of her values, and a sense of secret excitement, as if a nameless promise…
  • He answered in the solemn tone of a drawing-room introduction, "Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastian d’Anconia.
  • And now you will hear his voice-now you will hear his own message! …. ’Ladies and gentlemen," he said solemnly, "John Galt-to the collective family of mankind!"
  • At a signal from Wesley Mouch, his voice boomed suddenly over the prairie, an unctuous, fraudulently solemn voice magnified by the microphone inventor’s ingenuity into the sound and power of a giant: "Ladies and gentlemen …. !
  • First, the front pages of the newspapers and the shouts of the radio voices had explained it: "To counteract the fears and rumors spread by the enemies of the people, Mr. Thompson will address the country on November 22 and will give us a full report on the state of the world in this solemn moment of global crisis.

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  • He took a solemn oath.
  • Everyone was solemn at the funeral.

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