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Atlas Shrugged
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Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • She saw both serenity and suffering in the calm of his face, an expression like a smile of pain, though he was not smiling.
  • His face had an unmoving serenity.
  • He had an odd serenity of spirit that I had never seen in him before.
  • He knew every shade of sensation ever reflected in Dagny’s face; he had known that she had felt no shock; he had seen nothing but an untouched serenity.
  • The suggestion of a smile on Mrs. Hastings’ face held sadness, but the face had no imprint of tragedy, only a grave look of firmness, acceptance and quiet serenity.
  • There was no sign of tragedy, no bitterness, no tension-only the radiant mockery, matured and stressed, the look of dangerously unpredictable amusement, and the great, guiltless serenity of spirit.
  • But the face had grown calmer, as if more serenely at peace.
  • Taggart’s face was distorted by terror, Eddie’s remained sternly serene.
  • And even though hopelessness, serenely accepted, was part of the worship in that glance, she experienced a feeling she had never known before: a stab of jealousy.
  • Then, like the body of a man diving chest-first and arms outstretched, serenely abandoned to the sweep of the fall, the plane went down and vanished behind the ridges of rock.
  • He felt as if some ray of light were growing stronger on his face, because he saw its reflection on hers, as she watched him-he saw the shock vanishing, then the wonder-he saw her face being smoothed into a strange serenity that seemed quiet and glittering at once.
  • She looked at the quiet, impregnable room, and at the light-the light that came from his motor-on the faces of men who were the most serene and confident gathering she had ever attended.
  • It was the humblest home of the valley, a log cabin beaten in dark streaks by the tears of many rains, only its great windows withstanding the storms with the smooth, shining, untouched serenity of glass.
  • She felt no shock and no rebellion, only the cheerless serenity of her assurance-and she raised her head to face him, with a slow, deliberate movement, as if telling him that she had chosen her stand and that she stood in the open.
  • She saw, in astonishment, that her hand was moving gently over his hair, while she was thinking that she had no right to do it and feeling as if a current of serenity were flowing from her hand, enveloping them both, smoothing the past.
  • The green glow had a look of serenity, like an inviting, unlimited path open to confident travel.
  • His first awareness, when he opened his eyes, was a sense of profound serenity.
  • The sense of serenity was the knowledge that he was free.
  • It was the radiant serenity of knowing that he was free of fear, of pain, of guilt.
  • The angular planes of his cheeks made her think of arrogance, of tension, of scorn-yet the face had none of these qualities, it had their final sum: a look of serene determination and of certainty, and the look of a ruthless innocence which would not seek forgiveness or grant it.
  • The look on his face, the serene intensity of his eyes and of his mind made it real to her, now, in this moment, in this moment’s full context, in this city.
  • From the screen, the face of John Galt was looking at the nation, the face without pain or fear or guilt, implacable by virtue of serenity, invulnerable by virtue of self-esteem.
  • What Dr. Ferris was seeing in Rearden’s face was the look of luminous serenity that comes from the sudden answer to an old, dark problem, a look of relaxation and eagerness together; there was a youthful clarity in Rearden’s eyes and the faintest touch of contempt in the line of his mouth.
  • His face was as it had been in the sunlight of the moment when she had seen it for the first time: a face of merciless serenity and unflinching perceptiveness, without pain or fear or guilt.
  • The taut look of endurance, of fiercely unadmitted pain, was gone; now, in the midst of the wreckage and of his hardest hour, his face had the serenity of pure strength; it had the look she had seen in the faces of the men in the valley.
  • She had been aware of Galt’s face, she had been seeing, in the shape of his mouth, in the planes of his cheeks, the crackup of that implacable serenity which had always been his, but he still retained it in his look of acknowledging the breach, of admitting that this moment was too much even for him.
  • …was not the face she had seen in the courtroom, it was not the face she had known for years as a countenance of unchanging, unfeeling rigidity-it was a face which a young man of twenty should hope for, but could not achieve, a face from which every sign of strain had been wiped out, so that the lined cheeks, the creased forehead, the graying hair-like elements rearranged by a new theme-were made to form a composition of hope, eagerness and guiltless serenity: the theme was deliverance.
  • She looked at the faces of the four men in the soft twilight of Mulligan’s living room: Galt, whose face had the serene, impersonal attentiveness of a scientist-Francisco, whose face was made expressionless by the hint of a smile, the kind of smile that would fit either answerHugh Akston who looked compassionately gentle-Midas Mulligan, who had asked the question with no touch of rancor in his voice.
  • Then his head fell back, and there was no convulsion in his face, only his mouth relaxing to a shape of serenity-but there was a brief stab of convulsion in his body, like a last cry of protest-and Rearden went on slowly, not altering his pace, even though he knew that no caution was necessary any longer because what he was carrying in his arms was now that which had been the boy’s teachers’ idea of mana collection of chemicals.
  • It’s a sound lock," he said; his face was serene.
  • I think you’re worse than anything I had supposed…… " Francisco looked at him with a strange half-smile of serenity, the serenity of a victory over pain, and did not answer.
  • I think you’re worse than anything I had supposed…… " Francisco looked at him with a strange half-smile of serenity, the serenity of a victory over pain, and did not answer.

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  • While I lie awake worrying, she sleeps serenely.
  • She remained serene even when he was yelling at her.

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