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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He had come back to her two weeks later, and then their dates had grown progressively more frequent.
  • A model example of progressive State housing.
  • You have always been opposed to every progressive social measure.
  • I’m sure it would seem strange in some of your hidebound Eastern states, but the state of Illinois had a very humane, very progressive law under which I could sue him.
  • His name is Clifton Loceyhe’s from Jim’s personal staff-a bright, progressive young man of fortyseven and a friend of Jim’s.
  • You see, Friends of Global Progress are a very progressive group and they have always maintained that you represent the blackest element of social retrogression ha the country, so it would embarrass us, you know, to have your name on our list of contributors, because somebody might accuse us of being in the pay of Hank Rearden.
  • It has long been conceded by all progressive thinkers that there are no entities, only actions-and no values, only consequences.
  • His guests described him as a progressive businessman.
  • "Speaking of progressive policies, Orren," said Taggart, "you might ask yourself whether at a time of transportation shortages, when so many railroads are going bankrupt and large areas are left without rail service, whether it is in the public interest to tolerate wasteful duplication of services and the destructive, dog-eat-dog competition of newcomers in territories where established companies have historical priority."
  • Ma’s freight cars were in California, where the soybeans had been sent to a progressive concern made up of sociologists preaching the cult of Oriental austerity, and of businessmen formerly in the numbers racket.
  • The plea began to hammer progressively louder upon the desk of the Unification Board, from all parts of a country ravaged by unemployment, and neither the pleaders nor the Board dared to add the dangerous words which the cry was implying: "Give us men of ability!"
  • Then Lawson said softly, half in reproach, half in scorn, "Well, after all, you businessmen have kept predicting disasters for years, you’ve cried catastrophe at every progressive measure and told us that we’ll perish-but we haven’t."
  • The only trouble is that he can’t always tell which is which…… On his first day in her office, he told me that it wasn’t a good idea to have a picture of Nat Taggart on the wall’Nat Taggart,’ he said, ’belongs to a dark past, to the age of selfish greed, he is not exactly a symbol of our modern, progressive policies, so it could make a bad impression, people could identify me with him.’
  • Then he said cautiously, "But I guess there aren’t many people in Washington capable of understanding a progressive social policy.
  • The day had started with a small luncheon in the hotel suite of a visiting Argentinian legislator, where a few people of various nationalities had talked at leisurely length about the climate of Argentina, its soil, its resources, the needs of its people, the value of a dynamic, progressive attitude toward the future-and had mentioned, as the briefest topic of conversation, that Argentina would be declared a People’s State within two weeks.
  • …heard the pinch-lipped voice of a public relations, woman in a Washington office, saying resentfully over the telephone wire, "Well, after all, it is a matter of opinion whether wheat is essential to a nation’s welfarethere are those of more progressive views who feel that the soybean is, perhaps, of far greater value"-and then, by noon, she stood in the middle of her office, knowing that the freight cars intended for the wheat of Minnesota had been sent, instead, to carry the soybeans…
  • These were the men whom official speeches described as "the progressive businessmen of our dynamic age," but whom people called "the pull peddlers"-the species included many breeds, those of "transportation pull," and of "steel pull" and "oil pull’1 and "wage-raise pull" and "suspended sentence pull"-men who were dynamic, who kept darting all over the country while no one else could move, men who were active and mindless, active, not like animals, but like that which breeds, feeds and…

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