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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • There were six or seven of them, some drowsing, some munching lethargically at whatever grass they could find among the sun-scorched weeds.
  • But even to go back took an act of intelligence-she thought, feeling the paradox of her own position, as she looked at the lethargy of the faces around her.
  • She felt a lethargic weariness at the prospect of a dramatic homecoming, of facing Jim and the press, of witnessing the excitement.
  • They were nervously blank; they showed nothing but the sagging weight of lethargy and the staleness of a chronic fear.
  • She glanced up at him, a small flicker piercing the lethargic emptiness of her eyes.
  • Ragged people listened to the offers of material comforts and turned away with lethargic indifference, as if they had lost the concept of "Value."
  • Eddie knew that they felt, as he felt it, that they would find no such man; not among the lethargic, extinguished faces of the passengers they had seen.
  • But as she sat in the candlelight of the dining room, she felt certain that she had no chance; she felt restlessly unable to accept that certainty, since she could not grasp its reason, yet lethargically reluctant to pursue any inquiry.
  • From across the street, Chick Morrison, the Morale Conditioneron his way to a conference on the fifty-ninth floor-noted that the rare, lethargic passers-by were not taking the trouble to glance at the guards, as they did not take the trouble to glance at the soggy headlines of a pile of unsold newspapers on the stand of a ragged, shivering vendor: "John Galt Promises Prosperity."
  • …down the brittle scaffold of a lie over the abyss of the discovery that he was not the man she loved, but only a resented substitute, half-charity-patient, half-crutch, his perceptiveness becoming his danger and only his surrender to lethargic stupidity protecting the shoddy structure of his joy, struggling and giving up and settling into the dreary routine of the conviction that fulfillment is impossible to man-the three of them, who had had all the gifts of existence spread…
  • …their secession from the country, went on to the final extreme of the very evil that had destroyed them, as if fighting murder with suicide: went on to seize all property within their reach, to declare community bondage of all to all, and to perish within a week, their meager loot consumed, in the bloody hatred of all for all, in the chaos of no rule save that of the gun, to perish under the lethargic thrust of a few worn soldiers sent out from Washington to bring order to the ruins.
  • "Well, the Plan is a full success," said Taggart lethargically, "except for the not fully controllable element of time.
  • Let’s get him to a doctor …. or somewhere …." They pulled Taggart to his feet; he did not resist, he obeyed lethargically, and he moved his feet when pushed.

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  • Large lunches make me feel lethargic in the afternoon.
  • I’m hoping a cold iced tea will help me get past this lethargic feeling.

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