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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Isn't the market somewhat hypothetical?
  • I have a hypothesis about it-I'll explain it to you afterwards, when I've put it to the test.
  • Miss Taggart, I had been working on it for months, on that one particular hypothesis, and the more I worked, the more hopeless it seemed to become.
  • What hypothesis?
  • "Miss Taggart," he asked sadly and cautiously, "would you say that if-this is just a hypothetical question-if the equipment now in use on the Rio Norte Line were made available, it would fill the needs of our transcontinental main-line traffic?"
  • And all men use them, because they are true of being qua being…… For a principle which every one must have who understands anything that is, is not a hypothesis…… Evidently then such a principle is the most certain of all; which principle this is, let us proceed to say.

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  • He hypothesized the existence of Pluto before its discovery.
  • The hypothetical situation made it easier for him to think about his problem more logically and less emotionally.

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