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Atlas Shrugged
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grave -- as in: Her manner was grave.
Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • The suggestion of a smile on Mrs. Hastings’ face held sadness, but the face had no imprint of tragedy, only a grave look of firmness, acceptance and quiet serenity.
  • I don’t believe he ever was a first-rate scientist-but what a priceless valet of science! I know that he has been facing a grave problem lately.
  • "I have told you the reason," he answered gravely, "but you don’t want to believe it."
  • "He should, undoubtedly, know more than anyone else about that," Francisco answered gravely.
  • The expression of his face had not changed; it was still a look of gravely courteous respect.
  • She did not smile, she looked gravely courteous as she answered, "It was very kind of you to come here."
  • It began as a gesture of the gravest respect, as if its purpose were to give her strength; but as he held his lips, then his face, pressed to her hand, she knew that he was seeking strength from it himself.
  • It was eagerness and an odd, solemn stillness, the sudden certainty that she was facing the approach of something unknown and of the gravest importance.
  • Rearden did not think that Francisco could have heard it, but he saw Francisco turning to them with a gravely courteous smile.
  • Francisco said gravely, "I suggest that you think twice, sir."
  • His face suddenly earnest, Francisco answered gravely, almost solemnly, "Yes-what I think is going to be my best and greatest."
  • "Yes," said Danneskjold gravely.
  • He asked, his voice gravely gentle, "Do you think that you can still serve him-that kind of man-by running the railroad?"
  • His swift glance at her was like a shot of deliberate emphasis, then he answered gravely, "Yes, Miss Taggart."
  • There was a pause, then Galt asked gravely, his voice low, "Is it as bad as that-whatever it is?"
  • Francisco asked gravely.
  • Francisco said gravely, as he had said to the portly man, but with an odd note of gentleness in his voice, "I suggest that you think twice, Mr. Rearden."
  • If this was a thought of the gravest importance, she did not know it; nothing could be grave in a universe from which the concept of pain had been wiped out; she was not there to weigh her conclusion; she was asleep, a faint smile on her face, in a silent, luminous room filled with the light of morning.
  • It seemed to her that she caught an imperceptible shading in his gravely attentive expression: he looked as if this were a matter about which he did not choose to feel.
  • She saw the stillness of his face, the sudden earnestness of the eyes, a strange earnestness that seemed eager and almost pleading, then she heard his voice come gravely, as if from under the pressure of some emotion that made it sound simple and humble: "What is your problem, Miss Taggart?"
  • Dagny inclined her head gravely.
  • "Of course," said Dagny gravely.
  • He answered quietly, gravely, "No.
  • She inclined her head and said gravely, "All right.
  • That’s true," said Rearden gravely.
  • "I want," said Rearden gravely, "to let the nature of this procedure appear exactly for what it is.
  • "That is the flaw in your theory, gentlemen," said Rearden gravely, "and I will not help you out of it.
  • "Oh . ]" He looked startled, then smiled in amusement at himself, then answered gravely, "I’ll tell you that later."

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  • Her smile disappeared as she suddenly realized the gravity of her situation.
  • It was the day of the funeral and she was in a grave mood.

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