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Atlas Shrugged
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Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • His face had the quiet, earnest look of a man staring at a question.
  • He had followed them and he stood looking at them with the insolence of exaggerated earnestness.
  • He was looking straight at her, he was not smiling, his face was earnest.
  • His lips held the hint of a smile, but his eyes were still, earnest and, for an instant, disturbingly perceptive.
  • She considered it earnestly.
  • "But which concepts are not ugly or mean, Professor?" asked an earnest matron whose husband owned an automobile factory.
  • "I don’t think I’m afraid," she said, looking intently straight before her, the radiance of her smile melting the earnestness of her glance.
  • The man weighed the problem earnestly for some moments.
  • "We were just discussing a most interesting subject," said the earnest matron.
  • "Just what did Hugh Akston teach?" asked the earnest matron.
  • Her voice sounded earnest, but, dangerously, a bit too earnest.
  • Her voice sounded earnest, but, dangerously, a bit too earnest.
  • She answered, her voice earnest, "Desperately."
  • "Dagny," he asked suddenly; his tone had changed, there was some hidden, earnest note in his voice, "why didn’t you want to see me in public?"
  • He smiled, then his face slipped slowly into earnestness, as under the tide of some unspoken contemplation of his own.
  • His face suddenly earnest, Francisco answered gravely, almost solemnly, "Yes-what I think is going to be my best and greatest."
  • "Now why do you want to do that?" asked Rearden, smiling, but his smile vanished when he heard the boy answer earnestly: "Because I want, for once, to do something moral."
  • She saw the stillness of his face, the sudden earnestness of the eyes, a strange earnestness that seemed eager and almost pleading, then she heard his voice come gravely, as if from under the pressure of some emotion that made it sound simple and humble: "What is your problem, Miss Taggart?"
  • She saw the stillness of his face, the sudden earnestness of the eyes, a strange earnestness that seemed eager and almost pleading, then she heard his voice come gravely, as if from under the pressure of some emotion that made it sound simple and humble: "What is your problem, Miss Taggart?"
  • She glanced up at him once more, as if it were perhaps for the last time, then said earnestly, her voice low, "Mr. Taggart, I’m very grateful to you, because you . I mean, any other man would have tried to . I mean, that’s all he’d want, but you’re so much better than that, oh, so much better!"
  • He glanced straight at her, his eyes drawn narrow by such an intensity of earnestness that the glance was almost a threat, and she knew that whatever the years had meant to him, "amusement" was the one word she had no right to utter.
  • They were sitting together on the floor, bending over the sheets of paper he spread before her, studying the intricate sections of the smelter-with the same joyous earnestness they had once brought to the study of scraps in a junk yard.
  • His features dropped into sudden earnestness.
  • Francisco drew himself up a little, as if for a solemn task, his face earnest, the smile remaining only in his eyes.
  • He talked earnestly, but in a casual manner, as if they both understood that this was not the main subject of their interview; yet, oddly, he spoke not in the tone of a foreword, but in the tone of a postscript, as if the main subject had been settled long ago.
  • She answered, the unsmiling earnestness of her voice like a hand extended in support, knowing that a smile would upset some precarious balance, "But it does make up for it, and I do want to hear it."
  • a tip, he said quietly, with too earnest, too solemn an emphasis for a mere acknowledgment of the corns, "Thank you, ma’am," She turned swiftly and hurried into the building, not to let him see the emotion which was suddenly more than she could bear.
  • He looked as if all masks were down, he looked direct, tightly disciplined, intent upon a purpose, he looked like a man able to know the earnestness of action, as she had once expected him to look-he had never seemed so attractive as he did in this moment-and she noted, in astonishment, her sudden feeling that he was not a man who had deserted her, but a man whom she had deserted.
  • When she faced him at the table, when she saw the earnest, questioning directness of his eyes and the severely literal simplicity of his words, she dropped all attempts at casual prodding, she told him what she wanted to know and why, briefly, impersonally, not appealing for help or for pity, only for truth.
  • Again, she saw the look of earnestness and again knew with certainty that it was genuine, when he said, "Yes.
  • He said slowly, very earnestly, "Dagny, you’re wonderful.
  • She watched the prairies, the rivers, the towns slipping past at an untouchable distance below-and she noted that the sense of detachment one feels when looking at the earth from a plane was the same sense she felt when looking at people: only her distance from people seemed longer, The passengers were listening to some radio broadcast, which appeared to be important, judging by their earnest attentiveness.
  • When he turned to her, he said earnestly, "Dagny, I wouldn’t, if I were you.
  • You’re worn out, Mr. Taggart," she said earnestly.
  • Boyle did not catch the tone of mockery, and answered earnestly, "It destroys the blight of monopoly.
  • His voice seemed earnest, but the glint of the metal-green eyes was a smile: "Actually-no.
  • He was reciting it in full earnestness, with the honesty of a conscientious student: "I know that everything is relative and that nobody can know anything and that reason is an illusion and that there isn’t any reality.
  • If we don’t use ugly words, we won’t have any ugliness and-" But he saw the desperate earnestness of the boy’s face and stopped, his smile vanishing.
  • "Dagny," he said earnestly, pointing at his tank, "one gallon of it is worth more than a trainful back there in hell-because this is mine, all of it, every single drop of it, to be spent on nothing but myself."

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  • Both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate.
  • She has a casual, go-with-the-flow personality and doesn’t appreciate his earnestness.

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