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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • The place was a small field at the bottom of a break in the desolate chain of mountains.
  • Now it had the desolate air of a room which is used, yet uninhabited.
  • In a flash of sudden, desolate emptiness, she was glad that he had not understood or responded, feeling dimly that she had revealed too much, yet not knowing what she had revealed.
  • He felt a desolate loneliness, of a kind he had never known before.
  • Had he watched her desolate loneliness as she was now watching his?
  • Dagny drew a black line across Train Number 93 on the schedule, and felt a moment’s desolate satisfaction in noting that she did it calmly.
  • She felt a bleak kind of relief, Her battling defiance ebbed into a strange, desolate feeling; she tried not to give way to it.
  • Kip Chalmers glanced out with incredulous anger at the few shanties on a desolate mountainside and at the ancient hovel of a station.
  • Then this was the way they reached their first kiss-with tears running down her face, tears unshed at the party, tears of shock, of happiness, of thinking that this should be happiness, and of a low, desolate voice telling her that this was not the way she would have wanted it to happen.
  • But to indulge any personal loneliness, at a time when he knew how desperately the railroad needed her in Colorado, was an act of disloyalty he had never committed before-and he felt a vague, desolate sense of guilt.
  • THE FACE WITHOUT PAIN OR FEAR OR GUILT The silence of her apartment and the motionless perfection of objects that had remained just as she had left them a month before, struck her with a sense of relief and desolation together, when she entered her living room.
  • She inclined her head in silent greeting-it was like a greeting to the loss and the pain of the past, to a desolate evening and the desperate face of Eddie Willers telling her the news of this man’s disappearancehurt badly?
  • Rearden could not decipher the expression of his face: it was only a look of peculiar stillness, as if his eyes were fixed on some secret vision of his own that drew his mouth into a line of desolate, bitter, hurting self-mockery.
  • How do I know what might happen to her there, alone, and with the kind of gangs that are roving all through the country these nights-just through such desolate parts of the country as the Berkshires? …. I know I shouldn’t think about it.
  • It is of such pennies and smiles that the desolation of your world was made.
  • He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar.
  • She lay back against the seat, feeling nothing but the desolation of the knowledge that the sweep of her action had, perhaps, swept away the man who might never wish to see her again.
  • When she looked up at him, her smile matched his-and the rest of the evening was their celebration-for all his years since the nights on the mine ledges-for all her years since the night of her first ball when, in desolate longing for an uncaptured vision of gaiety, she had wondered about the people who expected the lights and the flowers to make them brilliant.
  • Then she felt a stab of desolate loneliness, much wider a loneliness than the span of an empty streetand a stab of anger at herself, at the preposterous contrast between her appearance and the context of this night and age.
  • There were no eyes to notice or to question the sudden streaks of the airplane’s headlights shooting across the desolation of dead weeds, and the violent burst of the motor brought to life by Danneskjold, who took the wheel.
  • She looked from his face to Francisco’s approaching figure, not hiding from herself any longer that her sudden, heavy, desolate anxiety was the fear that Galt might throw the three of them into the hopeless waste of self-sacrifice.
  • she cried to herself in anger-but a desolate voice kept asking her quietly to the rattle of the taxi’s wheels: You who believed you must live for your happiness, what do you now have left of it?-what are you gaining from your struggle?-yes!
  • Dr. Ferris was talking about the crusaders of science and about the years of selfless devotion, unremitting toil and persevering research that had gone into Project X. It was odd-thought Dr. Stadler, studying the ruins of the farmthat there should be a herd of goats in the midst of such desolation.
  • A whirling mesh of sleet hung over the entrance of the Wayne-Falkland Hotel, and the armed guards looked oddly, desolately helpless in the circle of light: they stood hunched, heads down, hugging their guns for warmth-as if, were they to release all the spitting violence of their bullets at the storm, it would not bring comfort to their bodies.
  • He stood, alone in the white glare, his feet planted firmly apart, on an island of cement in a ring of blinding lights, with nothing beyond the ring but an irredeemable night-and she wondered which one of them was taking the greater chance and facing the more desolate emptiness, "In case anything happens to me," she said, "will you tell Eddie Willers in my office to give Jeff Alien a job, as I promised?"
  • A slow, thin rain had been falling since midnight, and there had been no sunrise, only a gray light seeping through a soggy sky-and the brilliant raindrops hanging on the telephone wires had been the only sparks glittering against the chalk of the clouds, the lead of the ocean and the steel of the oil derricks descending as lone bristles down a desolate hillside.
  • These were the men who hovered over factories, waiting for the last breath of a furnace, to pounce upon the equipment-and over desolate sidings, to pounce upon the freight cars of undelivered goodsthese were a new biological species, the hit-and-run businessmen, who did not stay in any line of business longer than the span of one deal, who had no payrolls to meet, no overhead to carry, no real estate to own, no equipment to build, whose only asset and sole investment consisted of an…
  • She said, her voice quietly desolate, "That’s what I came here forto try to understand.

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  • The photos show the desolate surface of the moon.
  • It is in her book of desolate desert photographs.

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