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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He spoke distinctly, giving an unusual clarity to every syllable.
  • His face, she thought, and the cold, radiant clarity of his voice, of his mind, of Ms drive to a single purpose.
  • In the abnormal clarity of a violent emotion, she felt as if she were about to grasp something she had never known and had to know.
  • His voice had pronounced it evenly, with great clarity and no inflection.
  • For the moment, with an unnatural clarity, with a brutal simplification that made it almost easy, his consciousness contained nothing but one thought: It must not stop me.
  • He spoke intently; he felt a sudden, violent clarity of perception, as if a surge of energy were rushing into the activity of sight, fusing the half-seen and haft-grasped into a single shape and direction.
  • Rearden’s face, with the sharp planes, the pale blue eyes, the ash-blond hair, had the firmness of ice; the uncompromising clarity of its lines made it look, among the others, as if he were moving through a fog, hit by a ray of light.
  • She looked away, noticed an old crane on a siding, and thought that its cables were worn and would need replacing: This was the great clarity of being beyond emotion, after the reward of having felt everything one could feel.
  • He was doling his sentences out with cautious slowness, balancing himself between word and intonation to hit the right degree of semi clarity.
  • Rearden felt nothing but a great stillness and a great clarity.
  • He was seeing-in the violent clarity that was like a spotlight tearing every riddle open to him-the day he met Dagny for the first time.
  • The voice had the firmness, the clarity and the special courtesy peculiar to men who are accustomed to giving orders.
  • She saw his face and, with the clarity of undivided perception, she saw the meaning of the expression on his face: it was the meaning she had fought for hours.
  • She felt an odd calm, almost a confident repose; she knew that it was tension, but the tension of a great clarity.
  • But there was no suffering in his face, nothing but the immense and quiet happiness of clarity.
  • It was like the remnant of clarity in the street around him, with the haze rolling in to fill all exits.
  • "The orders which you are about to receive have come from me," she said, standing above them on the iron stairs, speaking with resonant clarity.
  • He felt no emotion, only the sense of a great, solemn clarity.
  • She looked away, avoiding the clarity of his eyes.
  • She was left with a sense of clarity, of a final answer and of the need to act.
  • The sight of her face struck him like a last shred completing a circuit, and in sudden clarity he knew what her game had been and why she had married him.
  • Who, then, had been the traitor?-he thought; he thought it almost without feeling, without right to feel, conscious of nothing but a solemnly reverent clarity.
  • She felt with sudden certainty that they feared the precision of his face, the unyielding clarity of his features, the look of being an entity, a look of asserting existence.
  • There was an abnormal clarity about every object in the room, yet she was seeing nothing around her, but she knew that she would be able to see the thread of a cobweb if her purpose required it, just as she would be able to walk with a somnambulist’s assurance along the edge of a roof.
  • What Dr. Ferris was seeing in Rearden’s face was the look of luminous serenity that comes from the sudden answer to an old, dark problem, a look of relaxation and eagerness together; there was a youthful clarity in Rearden’s eyes and the faintest touch of contempt in the line of his mouth.
  • He saw who was the accuser and who the accused-he saw the obscenity of letting impotence hold itself as virtue and damn the power of living as a sinhe saw, with the clarity of direct perception, in the shock of a single instant, the terrible ugliness of that which had once been his own belief.
  • But she saw a look of odd, bright clarity in his eyes and he answered firmly, with the faintly proud smile of stressing his firmness, "Yes-and to Sebastian d’Anconia," Her hand trembled a little and she spilled a few drops on the square of paper lace that lay on the dark, shining plastic of the table.
  • She could detect no particular expression, it was simply a face in natural repose-and the clarity seemed to come from its structure, from the precision of its sharp planes, the firmness of the mouth, the steadiness of the eyes.
  • The walls of the street around him had the stressed, unnatural clarity of a summer twilight, while an orange haze filled the channels of intersections and veiled the tiers of roofs, leaving him on a shrinking remnant of ground.
  • He started to go, but stopped, turned to her and asked, his voice low, but steady, neither as plea nor as despair, but as a last gesture of conscientious clarity to close a long ledger, "Dagny …. did you know …. how I felt about you?"
  • It seemed to him that the skyline of New York, when it rose before him, had a strangely luminous clarity, though its shapes were veiled by distance, a clarity that did not seem to rest in the object, but felt as if the illumination came from him.
  • It seemed to him that the skyline of New York, when it rose before him, had a strangely luminous clarity, though its shapes were veiled by distance, a clarity that did not seem to rest in the object, but felt as if the illumination came from him.
  • His face had so firm, so confident, so mature a look of calm, in the faint half-smile, in the clarity of the eyes, that she felt as if he had aged decades within one month, but aged in the proper sense of human growth, aged in vision, in stature, in power.
  • I, who know what discipline, what effort, what tension of mind, what unrelenting strain upon one’s power of clarity are needed to produce a work of art-I, who know that it requires a labor which makes a chain gang look like rest and a severity no army drilling sadist could impose-I’ll take the operator of a coal mine over any walking vehicle of higher mysteries.
  • You have seen the Atlantis they were seeking, it is here, it exists-but one must enter it naked and alone, with no rags from the falsehoods of centuries, with the purest clarity of mind-not an innocent heart, but that which is much rarer: an intransigent mind-as one’s only possession and key.
  • He was young; his movements and voice had that swift, sharp clarity which belongs to competence; among his aged, corrupt, favor-ridden and pull-created colleagues, he had managed to achieve the rank of elite of the political press, by means and in the role of a last, irresistible spark of ability.
  • Fighting not to know them, not to feel them, her body rigid but for the grinding motion of her face against her arm, she would draw whatever power over her consciousness still remained to her into the soundless, toneless repetition of the words: Get it over with, There were long stretches of calm, when she was able to face her problem with the dispassionate clarity of weighing a problem in engineering.
  • He was aware-with an abnormal clarity-of the place, the woman’s name, and everything it implied, but all of it had receded into some outer ring and had become a pressure that left him alone in the center, as the ring’s meaning and essence-and his only reality was the desire to have this woman, now, here, on top of the flatcar in the open sun-to have her before a word was spoken between them, as the first act of their meeting, because it would say everything and because they had earned…
  • There was no emotion in his voice, nothing but the spaced clarity of the sounds he pronounced with full knowledge of their meaning-but she knew that she was witnessing the most solemn moment it would ever be given her to witness, she was seeing a man’s naked soul and the cost it had paid to utter these words, she was hearing an echo of the day when he had pronounced that oath for the first time and with full knowledge of the years ahead-she knew what manner of man had stood up to face…
  • It won’t, so long as you run it," When he did not smile, his face looked inanimate, only his eyes remained alive, active with a cold, brilliant clarity of perception.
  • Eddie raised his voice a little, more in precision and clarity than in volume: "I know where she is.
  • "When you felt proud of the rail of the John Galt Line," said Francisco, the measured rhythm of his voice giving a ruthless clarity to his words, "what sort of men did you think of?

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  • when she awoke the clarity was back in her eyes
  • Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.
    Blaise Pascal

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