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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • There was a young, determined brusqueness in her voice and movements.
  • He said brusquely, "Let’s see if we can see New York," and jerked her by the arm to the edge of the cliff.
  • His voice was brusque and dry; but he had answered.
  • Dagny turned brusquely and started away from them.
  • He chuckled at her brusque departure.
  • She laughed, in the same brusque, mirthless way.
  • Then he spoke in the brusque manner of an executive.
  • She reached for a cigarette and stopped, wondering whether she would have time to finish it, hoping that she would not, then lighted it brusquely.
  • He remained silent; he seemed to be considering something he knew, but did not wish to tell her; she became certain of it, when he concluded brusquely, in that tone of resentment which conceals an evasion, "No, I don’t know anyone I’d care to recommend to you."
  • He turned brusquely away from the window.
  • He turned brusquely, leading the way down to the car, then glanced at Galt.
  • It had a brusque, absentminded sound.
  • She watched him empty his glass in a single gesture; the brusque, brief movement of his hand made it look like the gesture of some solemn pledge.
  • With a brusque movement of anger, she flicked the mat back to cover the words.
  • But a young man with a brusque voice and dark, angry eyes, who came from a starving settlement, had organized a gang of the unemployed and made a deal with Rearden to deliver the coal.
  • Mr. Thompson thudded down on a chair, the brusqueness of the movement suggesting a cheerily businesslike attitude.
  • Taggart shuddered and walked brusquely on, the shudder serving to cut off the realization that the beggar’s mood matched his own.
  • He turned brusquely and started off, but stopped.
  • "Motive power?" the man was saying in a voice that had a brusque, staccato snap and a slurred, nasal drawl, together.
  • It was the kind of brusque, demanding, impatient snap of sound he would have produced if he were now jabbing his finger at someone’s doorbell.
  • It was on the same afternoon, at the mills, that he saw the Wet Nurse hurrying toward him-a gangling, coltish figure with a peculiar mixture of brusqueness, awkwardness and decisiveness.
  • "It’s the vibrator that’s out of order," said a voice behind them; they whirled around; Galt was struggling for breath, but he was speaking in the brusque, competent tone of an engineer.
  • She entered with a brusque, unrhythmical motion, the train of her dress and the feather of her hat swirling, then flapping against her legs and throat, like pennants signaling nervousness.
  • The station agent, a young man with a swift body and a brusque voice, stripped the wiring from the station building and set the crane in motion again-and while the ore went clattering to fill the cars, the light of candles came trembling through the dusk from the windows of the station.
  • The decision was made for him by the brusque, confident manner of the two strangers-by the credentials of Miss Dagny Taggart, Vice-President of a railroadby brief hints about a secret, emergency mission, which sounded like Washington to him-by the mention of an agreement with the airline’s top officials in New York, whose names he had never heard before-by a check for fifteen thousand dollars, written by Miss Taggart, as deposit against the return of the Sanders plane-and by another…
  • You’re not afraid," he said to her suddenly, without explanation, a fiat statement in a brusque, lifeless voice that had a note of wonder.
  • The boy had answered brusquely, not looking at him, "Didn’t want to.
  • She tore herself away from him with a brusque, twisting movement, she stood up, but she stood looking down at him with a faint smile, and she said softly, "Do you know your only real guilt?

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  • She is known for her brusque manner and brief meetings.
  • I am trying to develop a less brusque manner.

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