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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • the belligerently righteous style of a third-rate tabloid; her economics consisted of the assertion that "we’ve got to help the poor."
  • "Well, Bertram Scudder said that your policy-" the man started belligerently, pointing toward the bar, but stopped, as if he had slid farther than he intended.
  • His mother came in with an air of belligerent defensiveness.
  • His voice was belligerent and shaky.
  • He said it belligerently and drew back a little.
  • "I’m delighted to see you, of course," Taggart said cautiously, then added belligerently, to balance it, "But if you think you’re going to-" Francisco would not pick up the threat; he let Taggart’s sentence slide into mid-air and stop, then asked politely, "If I think what?"
  • He saw defensively belligerent men and tastelessly dressed women-he saw mean, rancorous, suspicious faces that bore the one mark incompatible with a standard bearer of the intellect: the mark of uncertainty.
  • He snapped his way through a brief speech, hailing a new era and declaring-in the belligerent tone of a challenge to unidentified enemies-that science belonged to the people and that every man on the face of the globe had a right to a share of the advantages created by technological progress.
  • His hysterically belligerent manner was back, "I offered him more than anybody else did.
  • She added belligerently, "You don’t have to believe it.
  • The third had said, his voice belligerently insolent, that he would attempt the task on a ten-year contract at twenty-five thousand dollars a year-"After all, Miss Taggart, if you expect to make huge profits on that motor, it’s you who should pay for the gamble of my time.
  • You’ve got to prevent it!" she said, in the belligerent tone of a plea disguised as a command.

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  • She spoke to her teacher in a belligerent tone and was sent to the office.
  • She likes to start belligerent political arguments to get people to lose their cool.

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