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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • I could beg you to do it in order to avert a national disaster.
  • The chairman averted panic and called the session to order.
  • Why hadn’t they averted their own doom and spared him his years of thankless torture?
  • There was the thought that his old workers had always been able to avert disaster; any of them would have seen e indications of a hang-up and known how to prevent it; but there were not many of them left, and he had to employ whatever men he could find.
  • She ran through the train’s only coach, where some passengers slept in contorted poses of exhaustion, while others, awake and still, sat hunched, like animals waiting for a blow, making no move to avert it In the vestibule of the coach, she stopped.
  • I had no way to avert it and no power to save you.
  • It had gone into the planless, thankless work of racing from emergency to emergency, of delaying the collapse of a railroad-a month like a waste pile of disconnected days, each given to averting the disaster of the moment.

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  • avert a strike
  • She averted her eyes from the violence on TV.

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