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Atlas Shrugged
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Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • His face was hard; it had an expression of severity, an inner severity directed at himself; it looked austere and lonely.
  • It was Lillian’s austerity that attracted him-the conflict between her austerity and her behavior.
  • It was Lillian’s austerity that attracted him-the conflict between her austerity and her behavior.
  • But nothing had been allowed to come too close and detract from the building’s austerity.
  • She stood straight, her arms at her sides, her face austere, as if in unflinching endurance; she stood under the praise as under a lashing of insults.
  • Her exquisite profile belonged to a cameo of the same period: its pure, proud lines and the lustrous, light brown waves of her hair, worn with classical simplicity, suggested an austere, imperial beauty.
  • Now she wore a gray evening gown that seemed indecent, because it looked austerely modest, so modest that it vanished from one’s awareness and left one too aware of the slender body it pretended to cover.
  • "Watch," said Francisco austerely, turning to Rearden.
  • The man who had lost the capacity to feel?-thought Rearden, and knew that the austerity of the marble face was the form of a disciplined capacity to feel too deeply.
  • When she tore her mouth away from him, she was laughing soundlessly, in triumph, as if saying: Hank Rearden-the austere, unapproachable Hank Rearden of the monk like office, the business conferences, the harsh bargains-do you remember them now?-I’m thinking of it, for the pleasure of knowing that I’ve brought you to this.
  • She looked at the angular tiers of lights rising through the snowy curtain, and-glancing at him, at the grip of his gloved hands on the wheel, at the austere, fastidious elegance of the figure in black overcoat and white muffler-she thought that he belonged in a great city, among polished sidewalks and sculptured stone.
  • She felt certain that he recognized her and she held his glance austerely for an instant.
  • Above it, cut in the granite, as the only feature of the building’s rectangular austerity, there stood an inscription: I SWEAR BY MY LIFE AND MY LOVE OF IT THAT I WILL NEVER LIVE FOR THE SAKE OF ANOTHER MAN, NOR ASK ANOTHER MAN TO LIVE FOR MINE.
  • Galt was watching them; his glance was too austerely perceptive.
  • He spoke about discipline, unity, austerity and the patriotic duty of bearing temporary hardships.
  • His face had that look of austerity with which she had always seen him meet facts.
  • The austerity of Judge Narragansett’s white-haired figure reminded her that she had once heard him described as a marble statue-a blindfolded marble statue; it was the kind of figure that had vanished from the courtrooms of the country when the gold coins had vanished from the country’s hands.
  • On the steps of the pedestal, under the statue of the austere, exultant figure, a ragged bum sat slumped in passive resignation, like a wing-plucked bird with no place to go, resting on any chance cornice.
  • He remembered the austerely pitiless respect he had felt for his contract of marriage, for all his contracts and all his legal obligations-and he saw what sort of legality his scrupulous observance was expected to serve.
  • Ma’s freight cars were in California, where the soybeans had been sent to a progressive concern made up of sociologists preaching the cult of Oriental austerity, and of businessmen formerly in the numbers racket.
  • He told her the whole story, quietly, impersonally, pronouncing no verdict, expressing no opinion, never encroaching on her emotions by any sign of concern for them, speaking with the shining austerity and the awesome power of facts.
  • …for it! …. She was reading the papers, leaning back in the darkness-he saw the reflection of the fire touching her hair, moving to her shoulder, down her arm, to the naked skin of her wrist…. Do you know what I’m thinking now, in this moment? …. Your gray suit and your open collar …. you look so young, so austere, so sure of yourself …. What would you be like if I knocked your head back, if I threw you down in that formal suit of yours, if I raised your skirtShe glanced up at him.
  • Galt’s voice had the same unbending austerity as his eyes: "You have said everything I wanted to say to you.
  • Dr. Stadler leaned back a little, his face austere and scornful, the face of the nation’s greatest scientist, and asked, "Who invented that ghastly thing?
  • But this is New York City!-she cried to herself in defense of the greatness she had loved; then she faced with unmoving austerity the verdict pronounced by her mind: a city that had left him in these slums for twelve years was damned and doomed to the future of Starnesville.

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  • He took a vow of silence and leads an austere life at the monastery.
  • While most kids are partying at college, she practiced austerity during her college years.

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