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Atlas Shrugged
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audible -- as in: barely audible
Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • Eddie’s voice was barely audible.
  • The boy caught her puzzled glance, grinned and, as if to help her, whistled softly, almost inaudibly the first notes of Halley’s Fifth Concerto.
  • "I beg your pardon," he said, his voice barely audible, "I didn’t hear what you said."
  • "What was the name of the factory?" she asked, her voice barely audible.
  • . The sound ray is invisible, inaudible and fully controllable in respect to target, direction and range.
  • When Francisco raised his head, Rearden saw a face drawn by so great a suffering that its lines were almost an audible cry of pain, the more terrible because the face had a look of firmness, as if the decision had been made and this was the price of it.
  • "I’ll find them some day, whoever they were ." said Francisco; the tone of his voice, flat, dead and barely audible, said the rest.
  • "Hello, Dr. Akston," he said; the quiet, low tone of his voice was the audible image of a smile transmitted through space.
  • Mr. Thompson glanced at James Taggart, at the sloppy posture of a tall figure slumped in ungainly self-distortion, and caught him watching Galt’s movements with such hatred that Mr. Thompson sat up, fearing it would become audible in the room.

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  • She spoke in a barely audible whisper.
  • It was so quiet, our breathing was the only thing audible in the room.

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