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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • But she felt no anger or anxiety; she had no time to feel.
  • She felt a dim touch of anxiety.
  • She could feel no more than a faint anxiety; it was impossible to feel fear for his fate or in his presence.
  • In sudden anxiety, not knowing what prompted her, she asked, "Francisco, why did you come to New York?"
  • Their faces had a look of rancorous anxiety.
  • Tension seemed natural to her, not a sign of anxiety, but a sign of enjoyment; the tension of her whole body, under the gray suit, half-visible in the darkness, "Eddie Willers has taken over the office of Operating Vice-President," she said.
  • Lillian studied his face with mild astonishment, but without anxiety or anger, like a person confronted by a puzzle of no significance.
  • She had felt a faint touch of anxiety since the morning when she marked "May 15" on her calendar.
  • The connection that struck her suddenly had been struggling in her mind since morning, like a dim anxiety she had had no time to identify.
  • The reluctance that stopped her was her too urgent desire to know; she kept silent in some dimly intentional form of defiance, half in defiance of him, half of her own anxiety.
  • Watching Dr. Ferris watch him, Rearden saw the sudden twitch of anxiety, the look that precedes panic, as if a clean card had fallen on the table from a deck Dr. Ferris had never seen before.
  • The anxiety vanished when she entered the anteroom of Ken Danagger’s office: she had reached him, nothing had happened to prevent it, she felt safety, confidence and an enormous sense of relief.
  • She caught herself thinking that this was the way every human being should greet another-and she lost her anxiety, feeling suddenly certain that all was well and that nothing to be feared could exist.
  • Through the two hours of her flight to Pittsburgh, Dagny had been tensely unable to justify her anxiety or to dismiss it; there was no reason to count minutes, yet she had felt a blind desire to hurry.
  • "Is . is anyone expected?" she asked and was astonished by the anxiety of her own voice.
  • Taggart was asking with rising anxiety-but he was out of the reach of Taggart’s voice.
  • It was only the fact that the Comet was in exile, he thought, mat gave him this sense of pressing anxiety.
  • She saw the jerk of Taggart’s head and a sudden anxiety in his bewildered frown, as if something about the words and voice were not what he had expected.
  • Philip had seized his sleeve and asked, his voice shrinking suddenly into open anxiety, "Say, Claude — . according to . to Directive 10-289 . if he goes, there’s . there’s to be no heirs?"
  • She looked from his face to Francisco’s approaching figure, not hiding from herself any longer that her sudden, heavy, desolate anxiety was the fear that Galt might throw the three of them into the hopeless waste of self-sacrifice.
  • "All right," she said indifferently, "I’ll come," and added, prompted by the kind of feeling that would have made her reluctant to venture without a witness into a conference of gangsters, "but I’ll bring Eddie Willers along with me," He frowned, considering it for a moment, with a look of annoyance more than anxiety.

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  • She suffers from more than the usual pre-test anxiety.
  • It is a vicious cycle in which worry leads to a drop in the stock market and the drop in the stock market leads to increased anxiety.

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