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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • She let a moment pass, before she said slowly and very carefully, "Richard Halley wrote only four concertos."
  • You know that there are only four Halley Concertos.
  • It was a few moments before she realized that she was whistling a piece of music-and that it was the theme of Halley’s Fifth Concerto.
  • A fifth concerto, Miss Taggart?
  • It was his Fourth Concerto, the last work he had written.
  • The Concerto was a great cry of rebellion.
  • Dagny listened to the Fourth Concerto, her head thrown back, her eyes closed.
  • It was Halley’s new Concerto, recently written, the Fourth.
  • Do you happen to know whether he has written a Fifth Concerto?
  • What made you think that there was a Fifth Concerto?
  • Why specifically a concerto?
  • The great burst of sound was the opening chords of Halley’s Fourth Concerto.
  • It was Halley’s Concerto swung into a popular tune.
  • She was hearing sounds now, even the music; it was Halley’s mangled Concerto, somewhere far away.
  • When the voice of Mr. Ayers, courteously eager, inquired of what service he could be to her, she asked, "Can you tell me whether Richard Halley has written a new piano concerto, the Fifth?"
  • It was the Fifth Concerto by Richard Halley, wasn’t it?
  • She snapped the question at his face, as if hoping to catch him unprepared: "That’s the Fifth Concerto by Richard Halley, isn’t it?"
  • The boy caught her puzzled glance, grinned and, as if to help her, whistled softly, almost inaudibly the first notes of Halley’s Fifth Concerto.
  • It was the Fifth Concerto by Richard Halley, wasn’t it?
  • "The Fifth Concerto?" said Richard Halley, in answer to her question.
  • We call it the Concerto of Deliverance.
  • But the concerto I dedicated to him is called the Concerto of Deliverance.
  • But the concerto I dedicated to him is called the Concerto of Deliverance.
  • theme of Halley’s Fifth Concerto for the first time-she knew that she was hearing it now, hearing it rise from the keyboard of a piano, in the clear, sharp chords of someone’s powerful, confident touch.
  • She heard the rising, accelerating sound of the wheels-and some theme of music, heard to the rhythm of wheels, kept tugging at her mind, growing louder-it burst suddenly within the cab, but she knew that it was only in her mind; the Fifth Concerto by Richard Halley-she thought: did he write it for this?
  • Thank you for recognizing it from a few notes whistled in the night…. Yes, I know about that…… Yes, since you knew my work, you would know, when you heard it, that this Concerto said everything I had been struggling to say and reach.
  • She heard a piece of music beating in her mind, one she seldom liked to recall: not Halley’s Fifth Concerto, but his Fourth, the cry of a tortured struggle, with the chords of its theme breaking through, like a distant vision to be reached.
  • THE CONCERTO OF DELIVERANCE On October 20, the steel workers’ union of Rearden Steel demanded a raise in wages.
  • They could not hear the music of Halley’s Fifth Concerto now flowing somewhere high above the roof, but Francisco’s laughter matched its sounds.
  • The music of Richard Halley’s Fifth Concerto streamed from his keyboard, past the glass of the window, and spread through the air, over the lights of the valley.
  • When he kissed her, she knew that their arms, holding each other, were holding their greatest triumph, that this was the reality untouched by pain or fear, the reality of Halley’s Fifth Concerto, this was the reward they had wanted, fought for and won.
  • It’s the Halley Concerto," he answered, smiling.
  • "Draw your own conclusions…… Dagny"-his face was serious-"why did you think of Halley writing a Fifth Concerto?

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  • with Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos playing in the background
  • Playing a concerto with Zubin is like being surrounded by a well-loved, cashmere-lined silk glove.
    Isaac Stern

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