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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • I did obtain an unusually large quota for the Instituteand only by the special favor of some very special connections-but I feel abjectly guilty if this proved insufficient.
  • It is a desire that has reduced my mind, my will, my being, my power to exist into an abject dependence upon you-not even upon the Dagny Taggart whom I admired-but upon your body, your hands, your mouth and the few seconds of a convulsion of your muscles.
  • The purpose of man’s life, say both, is to become an abject zombie who serves a purpose he does not know, for reasons he is not to question.
  • "These are just plain, ordinary people, Mr. Galt," said Chick Morrison in a tone intended to project their abject humility.
  • say it honestly: what’s in it for you?-or are you becoming one of those abject altruists who has no answer to that question any longer? . Not now!-she ordered, as the glowing entrance to the Taggart Terminal flared up in the rectangle of the taxi’s windshield.

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  • She grew up in abject poverty; though she didn’t know it.
  • an abject apology

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