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As I Lay Dying
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As I Lay Dying
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unspecified meaning
  • Even with the horse it would take me fifteen minutes to ride up across the pasture to the top of the ridge and reach the house.
  • The rain was blowing onto the lamp, hissing on it so I am scared every minute it’ll break.

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  • Vernon holds the board steady while Cash, bevels the edge of it with the tedious and minute care of a jeweler.
  • Right this minute.
  • Lon Quick could look even at a cloudy sky and tell the time to ten minutes.
  • "Steady it a minute, now," pa says, letting go.
  • It would slow up and whirl crossways and hang out of water for a minute, and you could tell by that that the ford used to be there.
  • Another log bobs up over the jam and goes on; we watch it check up and swing slow for a minute where the ford used to be.
  • You’re asleep on your feet this minute.
  • When the mules finally kicked loose, it looked for a minute hike maybe Cash would get the wagon back, It looked like him and the wagon wasn’t moving at all, and just Jewel fighting that horse back to the wagon.

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  • A fellow dont trade with Snopes in thirty minutes.
  • She kind of bumbled at the screen door a minute, like they do, and came in.
  • So they stood there with the folks backed off with handkerchiefs to their faces, until in a minute the girl came up with that newspaper package.
  • "Excuse me a minute," I says.
  • "Excuse me a minute," I says.
  • "It wont take but a minute," pa said.
  • It was just like he knowed, like he could see through the walls and into the next ten minutes.
  • Only it was more than ten minutes.
  • It seems to me that I now hear the accumulation of her voice through the last five minutes, and I hear her scuffling and struggling as pa and Mack hold her, screaming "Jewell Jewel!"
  • Because be durn if there aint something about a durn fellow like Anse that seems to make a man have to help him, even when he knows hell be wanting to kick himself next minute.
  • …head and she was carrying a package wrapped in newspaper: I thought that she had a quarter or a dollar at the most, and that after she stood around a while she would maybe buy a cheap comb or a bottle of nigger toilet water, so I never disturbed her for a minute or so except to notice that she was pretty in a kind of sullen, awkward way, and that she looked a sight better in her gingham dress and her own complexion than she would after she bought whatever she would finally decide on.

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as in: a minute amount Define
very, very small
as in: keep the minutes Define
a written record of what happened at a meeting
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