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Main Street
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  • But Carol kept up the appealing bridal manner so far as possible.
  • "You’ve had a lot of experience with housekeeping, aunty, and don’t you think," Kennicott appealed, "that it would be sensible to have a nice square house, and pay more attention to getting a crackajack furnace than to all this architecture and doodads?"

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  • He appeals to something in here.
  • He was appealing, "Do you suppose it would be possible to get up another dramatic club this coming fall?"
  • Kennicott sounded appealing.
  • She sought to clear them by appealing to Calibree, in a manner of exaggerated liveliness, "Doctor, have the medical societies in Minnesota ever advocated legislation for help to nursing mothers?"
  • …when the light faltered in as through ground glass and bleakly identified the chairs as gray rectangles, she heard his step on the porch; heard him at the furnace: the rattle of shaking the grate, the slow grinding removal of ashes, the shovel thrust into the coal-bin, the abrupt clatter of the coal as it flew into the fire-box, the fussy regulation of drafts—the daily sounds of a Gopher Prairie life, now first appealing to her as something brave and enduring, many-colored and free.
  • She piped, after Carol’s appeal: "I see.
  • He exhibited as many titles and authors as possible, halting only to appeal, "Have you read his last book?
  • "It’s not appealing weakness like his, but sane strength that win animate the Gopher Prairies.

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  • The doctor asserted, "Sure, religion is a fine influence—got to have it to keep the lower classes in order—fact, it’s the only thing that appeals to a lot of those fellows and makes ’cause respect the rights of property.

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as in: appealed for help Define
a request or the act of asking -- sometimes specifically that a decision be overturned
as in: appeals to youthful tastes Define
attractiveness or desirability; or to be attractive or desirable
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