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unspecified meaning
  • He found in her a casualness, a lack of prejudice, a directness, surprising in the daughter of Andrew Jackson Tozer.
  • I’ve been talking to the technical director and salesmanager and we feel it’s the time to strike.

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  • Then the card of Dr. A. DeWitt Tubbs, Director of the McGurk Institute of Biology, of New York, was brought to him.
  • He was mildly pleased that its director should have called on him.
  • Clif was occasionally irritating; he hated open windows; he talked of dirty socks; he sang "Some die of Diabetes" when Martin was studying; and he was altogether unable to say anything directly.
  • He dared to look away from the path of faces directly in front of him.
  • He bought a small Roentgen ray outfit; and he was made a director of the Tozer bank.
  • Then this—well, it hasn’t anything to do with health, directly, but it’ll just indicate the opportunity you’ll have here to get in touch with all the movements for civic weal.
  • "I am Dr. Arrowsmith," he snorted, "and I’ve been informed that even probationers learn that the first duty of a nurse is to stand when addressing doctors! I wish to find Ward D, to take a strain of—IT MAY INTEREST YOU TO KNOW!—a very dangerous microbe, and if you will kindly direct me—"
  • The well-known Dr. Tom Bissex is football coach, health director, and professor of hygiene, chemistry, physics, French, and German.

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  • But I mean: you look so athletic and everything, and the other assistant director—don’t tell Daddy I said so, but he was an old crank!
  • V. Martin realized that he was likely to be the next Director of the Department.
  • "Gosh, I may be up against it when I become Director," he fretted.
  • As he walked home he thought less of being Director than of Orchid’s eyes.
  • Next day Martin was appointed, but only as Acting Director, with a salary of thirty-five hundred instead of four thousand.
  • He wanted to destroy them, but the police power of the Director of Public Health was vague.
  • The city regulations don’t fix the salary of anybody except the Director and the inspectors.
  • Clinging to the soaring wall, above the dais on which lunched the Director and the seven heads of departments, was a carved musicians’-gallery.
  • Now let’s go call on the Director.
  • But the Director was as cordial to the insignificant Martin Arrowsmith as though Martin were a visiting senator.
  • And now, Doctor, I want you to meet the real Director of the Institute—my secretary, Miss Pearl Robbins.
  • It was murmured that Holabird hoped some day to be made Assistant Director, an office which was to be created for him.
  • Martin left Leora at the Sims House, the old-fashioned, second-best hotel in Nautilus, to report to Dr. Pickerbaugh, Director of the Department of Public Health.
  • Martin, very busy, restrained his desire to observe, "You win— g’ by!" and he buzzed, with the cordiality suitable to a new Assistant Director: "No, I’m afraid I can’t."
  • At eleven the victory was certain, and Martin, his bowels weak with unconfidence, realized that he was now Director of Public Health, with responsibility for seventy thousand lives.
  • When Mayor Pugh returned he did not discharge Martin, but he appointed over him, as full director, Pickerbaugh’s friend, Dr. Bissex, the football coach and health director of Mugford College.
  • When Mayor Pugh returned he did not discharge Martin, but he appointed over him, as full director, Pickerbaugh’s friend, Dr. Bissex, the football coach and health director of Mugford College.
  • Two days later he wrote that Dr. Almus Pickerbaugh Director of Public Health in the city of Nautilus, Iowa, was looking for a second-in—command, and would probably be willing to send particulars.
  • I do not care what you do—if you just do not steal my staph cultures out of the ice-box, and if you will look mysterious all the time, so Dr. Tubbs, our Director, will t’ink you are up to something big.
  • You go into private practice here— I’ll finance your getting an office and so on—and when the time comes, maybe in five or ten years from now, we’ll all get together again and have you put in as full Director.
  • Sondelius returned to Blackwater, but Martin remained in the tent village for two days, giving them the phage, making notes, directing the amateur nurses.
  • When the office staff arrived in the morning they found something that had but rarely occurred during the regime of Almus Pickerbaugh: the Director of the Department was transplanting cultures, and on a long table was his wife, asleep.
  • D.—and more room and technicians, and you will report to me directly, talk things over with me daily, instead of with Gottlieb.
  • He became completely bogged in Newton’s "Fluxions"; he spoke of Newton to Tubbs and found that the illustrious Director knew nothing about him.
  • Now do not let the Director know about this and get enthusiastic too soon.
  • How the Director first heard that Martin was finding gold is not known.
  • Wasn’t it simply too decent of the Director to be so eager to recognize and help you in every way! So cordial—and so helpful.
  • There was a surging of factions, a benevolent and winning buzz of scientists who desired to be the new Director of the Institute.
  • The whole Institute fluttered on the afternoon when the Board of Trustees met in the Hall, for the election of a Director.
  • "Is it true—they want you to be Director?" panted Martin.
  • They consent I should appoint an Assistant Director to do the detail.
  • As Assistant Director he appointed Dr. Aaron Sholtheis, the epidemiologist, the Yonkers churchman and dahlia-fancier.
  • There was no craftier or crookeder Director in the habitable world.
  • He will do the big boom-boom and so bring us the credit in the newspapers which, I am now told, a Director must obtain.
  • There is, or should be, a lone director with superlegal powers.
  • He had to return to his duties as Acting Director of the Institute.
  • Great pleasure to see the Director and you kissing.
  • Holabird, as Director, could supply them, but if they took him into confidence he would demand immediate results.
  • No—I, uh, well, I shouldn’t much care to be Director.
  • Then we’ll need a new Director of McGurk who will work with us and help bring Science out of the monastery to serve Mankind.
  • I am authorized to appoint an Assistant Director, and I think I’m safe in saying he would succeed me as full Director.
  • I am authorized to appoint an Assistant Director, and I think I’m safe in saying he would succeed me as full Director.
  • Slowly: "Would you really like to see me Director?"
  • Merely a cursing, ill-bred, intensely selfish Director Terry Wickett!
  • Think of your being Director, head of that whole great Institute, when just a few years ago you were only a cub there! But haven’t I perhaps helped, just a little?
  • He had graduated from Harvard, studied on the Continent, been professor of pathology in the University of Minnesota, president of Hartford University, minister to Venezuela, editor of the Weekly Statesman and president of the Sanity League, finally Director of McGurk.
  • And those fools at Winnemac that laughed at my idea of a real medical school, now maybe they will see— Do you know who was my rival for Director—do you know who it was, Martin?
  • Max, I love you like a brother, but Tubbs is the Director, and if he feels he needs this Arrowsmith (Is he the thin young fellow I see around your lab?) then I have no right to stop him.
  • He delayed only to hint that the Board of Trustees were going to make him full Director, and that certainly, my dear fellow, he would see that Martin had the credit and the reward he deserved.
  • He was dragged into dinnerparties; and the long, vague, palavering luncheons to which a Director has to go, and the telephoning to straighten out the dates of these tortures, took nervous hours.
  • The citizens had been told that in bubonic plague, unlike pneumonic, there is no danger from direct contact with people developing the disease, so long as vermin were kept away, but they did not believe it.
  • If Holabird wanted the McGurk Institute—and the Director of the McGurk Institute—to have the credit for capturing influenza, then it simply could not be possible that Rockefeller was ahead of them.
  • He had already made a report of his work to the Director and the Trustees of the Institute, with no conclusion except "the results await statistical analysis and should have this before they are published."
  • But Stokes of St. Swithin’s secretly wrote to Dr. Max Gottlieb, Director of the McGurk Institute, that the plague was ready to flare up and consume all the West Indies, and would Dr. Gottlieb do something about it?
  • Among the Men of Measured Merriment on the platform were Dr. Aaron Sholtheis, the new Director of McGurk Institute, and Dr. Angus Duer, head of the Duer Clinic and professor of surgery in Fort Dearborn Medical College.
  • With this and the other complications, viewing his hot work in St. Hubert as coldly as though it were the pretense of a man whom he had never seen, Martin decided that he had no adequate proof, and strode in to see the Director.
  • It was, however, Rippleton Holabird’s attitude which most concerned Martin, for Holabird did not let him forget that unless he desired to drift off and be merely a ghostly Rich Woman’s husband, he would do well to remember who was Director.
  • He found chocolate belonging to an innocent technician; he even invaded the office of the Director and in the desk of the Diana-like Pearl Robbins unearthed tea and a kettle (as well as a lip-stick, and a love-letter beginning "My Little Ickles").
  • Joust, the vulgar but competent bio-physicist, lacking the affection which kept Martin and Terry from reproaching the old man, told Gottlieb that he was a "rotten Director and ought to quit," and was straightway discharged and replaced by a muffin.
  • Once or twice he tried to sit and look impressive in the office of the Director, but fled from that large clean vacuity and from Miss Robbins’s snapping typewriter to his own den that smelled not of forward-looking virtue but only of cigarettes and old papers.
  • That leaves—two and six and two make ten, if I’m any authority on higher math—that leaves fourteen hours a day for research (except when you got something special on), with no Director and no Society patrons and no Trustees that you’ve got to satisfy by making fool reports.
  • There was a department of publications, whence were issued the Institute reports, and the American Journal of Geographic Pathology, edited by the Director, Dr. Tubbs; there was a room for photography, a glorious library, an aquarium for the Department of Marine Biology, and (Dr. Tubbs’s own idea) a row of laboratories which visiting foreign scientists were invited to use as their own.
  • Oh, the Holy Wren is no worse than Tubbs; he’s even politer and more ignorant…… Me, you watch me! One of these days I’m going off to the woods—got a shack in Vermont—going to work there without having to produce results for the Director! They’ve stuck me in the Department of Biochemistry.
  • He depended on Sholtheis, passed decisions on to him, but Sholtheis, since in any case Gottlieb would get all the credit for a successful Directorship, kept up his own scientific work and passed the decisions to Miss Pearl Robbins, so that the actual Director was the handsome and jealous Pearl.
  • "I have let you alone, Dr. Gottlieb," said Tubbs, "but, hang it, I am the Director! And I must say that, perhaps owing to my signal stupidity, I fail to see the horrors of enabling Arrowsmith to cure thousands of suffering persons and to become a man of weight and esteem!" Gottlieb took it to Ross McGurk.
  • Gottlieb opposed it, Sondelius roared about it, Martin worried about it, but Leora went, and—his only act of craftiness as Director of the Institute—Gottlieb made her "Secretary and Technical Assistant to the McGurk Plague and Bacteriophage Commission to the Lesser Antilles," and blandly gave her a salary.
  • When Pickerbaugh predicted for Nautilus, in fifteen years, a health department thrice as large, with many full-time clinic and school physicians and possibly Martin as director (Pickerbaugh himself having gone off to mysterious and interesting activities in a Larger Field), Martin merely croaked, "Yes, that’d be—be fine," while to himself he was explaining, "Damn that girl, I wish she wouldn’t shake herself at me."
  • Holabird himself had been appointed Acting Director of the Institute, and as such he chanted: The reports of your work in the letters from Mr. McGurk’s agents which the quarantine authorities have permitted to get through to us apprize us far more than does your own modest report what a really sensational success you have had.
  • He was silent again, and before they reached home she said only, "You know I’m the last person to speak of money, but really, it’s you who have so often brought up the matter of hating to be dependent on me, and you know as Director you would make so much more that— Forgive me!" She fled before him into her palace, into the automatic elevator.
  • …who was not a Working Girl but a Nice Girl Who Was Working; to give publicity to the newspapers; to buy paper-clips and floor-wax and report-blanks at the lowest prices; to assist, in need, the two part-time physicians in the city clinic; to direct the nurses and the two sanitary inspectors; to scold the Garbage Removal Company; to arrest—or at least to jaw at—all public spitters; to leap into a Ford and rush out to tack placards on houses in which were infectious diseases; to keep a…
  • Director Rippleton Holabird had also married money, and whenever his colleagues hinted that since his first ardent work in physiology he had done nothing but arrange a few nicely selected flowers on the tables hewn out by other men, it was a satisfaction to him to observe that these rotters came down to the Institute by subway, while he drove elegantly in his coupe.
  • Director Dr. A. DeWitt Tubbs he had to wear his uniform, at least recognizable portions of it, at the Institute, but by evening he slipped into the habit of sneaking into citizen clothes, and when he went with Leora to the movies he had an agreeable feeling of being Absent Without Leave, of risking at every street corner arrest by the Military Police and execution at dawn.
  • He refused all invitations to speak, and the urgent organizations which had invited him responded with meekness that they understood how intimidatingly busy Dr. Arrowsmith was, and if he ever COULD find the time, they would be most highly honored— Rippleton Holabird was elected full Director now, in succession to Gottlieb, and he sought to use Martin as the prize exhibit of the Institute.
  • They bullied their congregations; each of them asserted, "People come sneaking around with criticisms of our new Director of Health.
  • Leora was confessing to the friendly Mrs. Tredgold how cautiously the wife of an assistant director has to economize and with that caressing voice of hers Mrs. Tredgold comforted, "I know.
  • And Pearl Robbins informed Terry, "Yes, it’s true—Mr. McGurk himself just told me— the Board has elected Dr. Gottlieb the new Director.
  • As they drove through the summer-walled streets of Brooklyn, Martin inquired, "How’s Holabird working out as Director?
  • Holabird stared, assembled his mustache, departed from his Diligent Director manner, and spoke: "Wait a minute, if you don’t mind.
  • Then Rippleton Holabird burst in on him: "Martin, my dear boy, the Director has just been telling me about your discovery and his splendid plans for you.
  • If we—if he could afford it, he’d probably be right here, in town, with garcons and everything, like McGurk, but with no Director Holabird, by God—and no Director Arrowsmith!"
  • If we—if he could afford it, he’d probably be right here, in town, with garcons and everything, like McGurk, but with no Director Holabird, by God—and no Director Arrowsmith!"
  • He received Martin with four "Well’s," which he gave after the manner of a college cheer; he showed him through the Department, led him into the Director’s private office, gave him a cigar, and burst the dam of manly silence: "Doctor, I’m delighted to have a man with your scientific inclinations.
  • I must know about it, not only because I take a very friendly interest in your work but because I am, after all, your Director!" Martin felt that his one ewe lamb was being snatched from him but he could see no way to refuse.
  • Sholtheis wants the place, and Dr. Smith and Yeo would leap at it, but I haven’t yet found any of them that are quite Our Own Sort, and I offer it to you! I daresay in a year or two, you will be Director of McGurk Institute!" Holabird was uplifted, as one giving royal favor.
  • His triumph over Holabird was less than being able to entertain Angus Duer and his wife, on from Chicago; to introduce them to Director Holabird, to Salamon the king of surgeons, and to a medical baronet; and to have Angus gush, "Mart, do you mind my saying we’re all awfully proud of you?
  • The following equation accounts quantitatively for the experimental results obtained: u0 lambda log e — u K = —— E0(epsilon-lambda t1) When Director Holabird saw the paper—Yeo was vicious enough to take it in and ask his opinion—he said, "Splendid, oh, I say, simply splendid! I’ve just had the chance to skim through it, old boy, but I shall certainly read it carefully, the first free moment I have.
  • He was going to standardize and co-ordinate all mental activities in America, by the creation of a bureau which should direct and pat and gently rebuke and generally encourage chemistry and batikmaking, poetry and Arctic exploration, animal husbandry and Bible study, Negro spirituals and business-letter writing.

  • There are no more uses of "direct" in the book.

To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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