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unspecified meaning
  • Not five times in five years do I have students who understand craftsmanship and precision and maybe some big imagination in hypotheses.
  • It was precisely what a much-resented New York cousin had once said to Madeline.

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  • He examined her—his pudgy hands had the sensitiveness if not the precision of Gottlieb’s skeleton fingers.
  • Gottlieb had turned back to his desk, which was heaped with shabby note-books, sheets of calculations, and a marvelously precise chart with red and green curves descending to vanish at zero.
  • Stout had precise and enormous knowledge; in his dry voice he could repeat more facts about the left little toe than you would have thought anybody would care to learn regarding the left little toe.
  • Angus was one of the few who knew without wavering precisely what he was going to do: after his internship he was to join the celebrated Chicago clinic headed by Dr. Rouncefield, the eminent abdominal surgeon.
  • No time now for bacteriological examination, for cultures and leisurely precision.
  • I think truth does matter to me, but if it does, isn’t the desire for scientific precision simply my hobby, like another man’s excitement about his golf?
  • And on the ’practical’ side, you gif me twenty years of a school that is precise and cautious, and we shall cure diabetes, maybe tuberculosis and cancer, and all these arthritis things that the carpenters shake their heads at them and call them ’rheumatism.’
  • Shut in to a joy of precision, he would nevertheless not be walled out from flowing life.

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  • He was slim, precise, lipless, lapless, and eye-glassed, and his hair was parted in the middle.
  • His underlings knew that Dr. Duer would not fail to arrive precisely on time, precisely well dressed, absolutely sober, very cool, and appallingly unpleasant to any nurse who made a mistake or looked for a smile.
  • His underlings knew that Dr. Duer would not fail to arrive precisely on time, precisely well dressed, absolutely sober, very cool, and appallingly unpleasant to any nurse who made a mistake or looked for a smile.
  • Oh, what—WHAT could be more beau-tiful than relieving this sad old world of its burden of illness! But just precisely what IS it that you’re doing?
  • Before Martin took leave he had to assemble the notes of his phage experiment; add the observation of Stokes and Twyford to his own first precise figures.
  • The tedium of dread was forgotten when he began to find and make precise notes of a slackening of the epidemic, which was occurring nowhere except here at Carib.
  • When Leora received the idea that he was going off to a deathhaunted isle, to a place of strange ways and trees and faces (a place, probably, where they spoke funny languages and didn’t have movies or tooth-paste), she took the notion secretively away with her, to look at it and examine it, precisely as she often stole little foods from the table and hid them and meditatively ate them at odd hours of the night, with the pleased expression of a bad child.
  • (Though in letters to Madeline his writing was an inconsistent scrawl, in his laboratory notes it was precise.) When he was quite sure that Nature was persisting in doing something she ought not to, he went guiltily to Gottlieb, protesting, "The darn’ bugs ought to die in this immune serum, but they don’t.
  • And he was touched as Tubbs went on: "Arrowsmith, I suspect you sometimes feel I lack a sense of scientific precision when I insist on practical results.
  • It’s just as when I persuaded you that if you got out of your stinking laboratory once a week or so, and actually bent your powerful intellect to a game of golf, the world of science wouldn’t immediately stop! No imagination! You’re precisely like these business men you’re always cursing because they can’t see anything in life beyond their soap-factories or their banks!"

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as in: about noon; 12:03 to be precise Define
exact (accurate)
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meticulous (careful about details)
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