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as in: though blind, can perceive light Define
to become aware of -- especially by using the senses (to see, hear, smell, feel, or taste)
  • Martin perceived new avenues of exciting research;

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  • I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon.
  • It’s one thing to perceive something with the senses and another to understand its importance.

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  • As they walked back, he perceived that she was incredibly the right mate for him.
  • Martin perceived that Leora was unusually sloppy—his own word.

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  • And at infrequent times he perceived the comedy of life; relaxed for a gorgeous hour from the intensity wearing to his admirers.
  • In the presence of a Napoleon like Clif and a Gladstone like George F. Babbitt, Martin perceived his own lack of power and business skill, and when he had returned to Mohalis he was restless.
  • Rarely had Martin been inspired to perceive the magic of a perfect hour, so absorbed was he ever in irascible pondering, but now he was caught, and lifted in rapture.
  • In Leora she perceived an interested casualness equal to her own.
  • Martin speculated still more as he perceived that all his colleagues were secretly grouped in factions.
  • He lay and resolved to curse them all in the morning and go off with Leora, but with the coming of the three-o’clock depression he perceived that with him she would probably starve, that he was disgraced, that it was not at all certain he would not become a drunkard.
  • Martin perceived that Pickerbaugh meant it, and the shame of the realization kept him from leaping up, seizing Leora, and catching the first freight train out of Nautilus.
  • Next day, when Orchid came into his laboratory and begged, with the wistfulness of youth, "Oh, Dr. Martin, aren’t you ever coming to the house again?" he kissed her so briskly, so cheerfully, that even a flapper could perceive that she was unimportant.

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  • He was fatherly; almost he made Martin repent; but he concluded, "And as for Clawson, his ’joke’ regarding this Benoni Carr person—and why I never looked the fellow up is beyond me, I suppose I was too busy—his ’joke,’ as you call it, was the action either of an idiot or a blackguard, and until you are able to perceive that fact, I don’t think you will be ready to come back to us."
  • At the Institute Martin perceived that he was not the only defender of his country who was not comfortable in the garb of heroes.
  • When Sondelius perceived this grudgingness he tried to overcome it by being more noisy and complimentary and enthusiastic than ever.
  • He perceived that Mrs. Lanyon’s white frock was fluttering about her knees; he realized that she too was strained and still.
  • She swelled to perceive how Nobel-prize winners received Her Husband, knew of him, desired to be violent with him about phage, and showed him their work of years.
  • With many jolts he perceived that even outside the bedroom he had to consider the fluctuations and variables of his wife, as A Woman, and sometimes as A Rich Woman.
  • Martin perceived that Wickett’s snarls were partly a Clif Clawson misconception of humor, but partly a resentment, as great as Gottlieb’s, of the morphological scientists who ticket things with the nicest little tickets, who name things and rename them and never analyze them.
  • He perceived the horror of the shrieking bawdy thing called Success, with its demand that he give up quiet work and parade forth to be pawed by every blind devotee and mud-spattered by every blind enemy.
  • He glanced at the balcony— The audience perceived a young man who was being earnest about sera and vaccines but, while his voice buzzed on, that churchly young man had noted two silken ankles distinguishing the front row of the balcony, had discovered that they belonged to Orchid Pickerbaugh and that she was flashing down admiration.
  • Incredulously he perceived women asserting that all Germans were baby-killers, universities barring the language of Heine, orchestras outlawing the music of Beethoven, professors in uniform bellowing at clerks, and the clerks never protesting.
  • Once he raised his head in astonishment to perceive that it was spring; once Terry and he tramped two hundred miles through the Pennsylvania hills, by summer roads; but it seemed only a day later when it was Christmas, and Holabird was being ever so jolly and yuley about the Institute.
  • Capitola McGurk, who hitherto had not perceived him except as an object less interesting than Gladys the Centrifuge, telephoned: ". Dr. Tubbs so enthusiastic and Ross and I are so pleased.

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as in: perceive the system as unfair Define
to view in a certain way so as to form a belief or opinion
as in: though blind, can perceive light Define
to become aware of -- especially by using the senses (to see, hear, smell, feel, or taste)
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