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  • It is true that twenty minutes after that, she was sneering at Clif Clawson, at fishing, and at all school-teachers, but to his fury she yielded in tears.
  • Wasn’t there a technique of manners as there was of experimentation…… Gottlieb’s fluent benchtechnique versus the clumsy and podgy hands of Ira Hinkley…… Or was all this inquiry a treachery, a yielding to Duer’s own affected standard?

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  • She yielded and for a moment there was nothing in the universe, neither he nor she, neither laboratory nor fathers nor wives nor traditions, but only the intensity of their being together.
  • Often he meditated on yielding to Joyce so far as to allow her to build a better laboratory for them, and more civilized quarters.
  • He went to the Ice House; he had a drink with a frightened clerk from Derbyshire; he regained the picture of Gottlieb’s sunken, demanding eyes; and he swore that he would not yield to a compassion which in the end would make all compassion futile.
  • Martin closed his flat—their flat—with a cold swift fury, lest he yield to his misery in finding among Leora’s possessions a thousand fragments which brought her back: the frock she had bought for Capitola McGurk’s dinner, a petrified chocolate she had hidden away to munch illegally by night, a memorandum, "Get almonds for Sandy."
  • He had yielded to Joyce’s training in being quietly instead of noisily disagreeable; and his only comment was "No, I think you’re wrong, Clif.

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as in: will yield valuable data Define
to produce something wanted; or the thing or amount produced
as in: yield to pressure Define
to give in, give way, or give up
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