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as in: domestic happiness Define
relating to a home or family
  • But when it comes to this—what was it Clif Clawson used to call it?—by the way, wonder what’s ever become of Clif; haven’t heard from him for a couple o’ years— when it comes to this ’overpowering Christian Domesticity’— Oh, let’s hunt for a blind-pig and sit around with the nice restful burglars.
  • There could be, to a respectable person, no question as to their merits: Kellett the just and earnest man of domesticity whose rise was an inspiration to youth; George William the gambler, the lusher, the smuggler, the liar, the seller of shoddy cottons, a person whose only excellence was his cheap good nature.

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  • We share the domestic chores.
  • My great grandmother worked in London as a domestic servant.

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  • No one was so domestic as these birds of passage.
  • Whether or not he loved her, whether he was capable of ordinary domestic affection, could not be discovered.

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  • The Special Board met in Parliament House, all of them trying to look not like their simple and domestic selves but like judges.
  • Martin survived it sufficiently to sound domestic when he announced at the supper-table: "We had a bully drive.

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as in: the domestic market Define
relating to a home country or (much more rarely,): relating to a geographic area that is smaller than a country
as in: domestic happiness Define
relating to a home or family
as in: a domestic animal like a dog Define
referring to animals kept as pets or for ranching
as in: GDP of the United States Define
the total value of goods and services produced by a nation (or territory) in a year
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