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as in: asserted her opinion that... Define
to say that something is true -- especially something disputed
  • Gottlieb had asserted that they produced doubtful vaccines,

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  • The defense also asserts that the defendant has no previous record.
  • She asserts that her opponent lacks managerial experience.

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  • He could read Arabic, and he infuriated his fellow chemists by asserting that the Arabs had anticipated all their researches.
  • He asserted that whenever a man showed genius, it could be proved that he had Jewish blood.

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  • Clif asserted, and a feud was on.
  • She complained of his vulgarity and what she asserted to be his slack ambition.
  • He discovered now that the Dawson Hunziker Company was quite all he had asserted in earlier days.
  • He mixed Pilsener, whisky, black coffee, and a liquid which the waiter asserted to be absinthe.
  • I keep asserting that I have given up all the idyllic delights of pathological research for the less fascinating but so very important and fatiguing cares of the directorship.
  • And in the whole Institute there was not one man who would, in all states of liquor, assert that the work of any other scientist anywhere was completely sound, or that there was a single one of his rivals who had not stolen ideas from him.
  • He telephoned to Leora, lunched with her expensively, and asserted, "It still looks as if there were something to it."
  • Terry had refused, and asserted that only with pain would he come to the wedding at all.

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  • He informed himself that he was a moron to make this long trip into Zenith twice in one day; he remembered that he was engaged to a girl called Madeline Fox; he worried the matter of unfaithfulness; he asserted that Leora Tozer was merely an imitation nurse who was as illiterate as a kitchen wench and as impertinent as a newsboy; he decided, several times he decided, to telephone her and free himself from the engagement.
  • Incredulously he perceived women asserting that all Germans were baby-killers, universities barring the language of Heine, orchestras outlawing the music of Beethoven, professors in uniform bellowing at clerks, and the clerks never protesting.
  • Half an hour later they were arguing ferociously, Martin asserting that the whole world ought to stop warring and trading and writing and get straightway into laboratories to observe new phenomena; Gottlieb insisting that there were already too many facile scientists, that the one thing necessary was the mathematical analysis (and often the destruction) of phenomena already observed.
  • He made a checking list of the favorite neurasthenic fears: agoraphobia, claustrophobia, pyrophobia, anthropophobia, and the rest, ending with what he asserted to be "the most fool, pretentious, witch-doctor term of the whole bloomin’ lot," namely, siderodromophobia, the fear of a railway journey.
  • Martin asserted, "Honest, it’s slick!
  • Mrs. Tredgold asserted, "If that isn’t exactly like Dr. Pickerbaugh!
  • They bullied their congregations; each of them asserted, "People come sneaking around with criticisms of our new Director of Health.
  • It happened after a party which lasted till two, when Mrs. Schlemihl had worn the new frock from Lucile’s and Jack Brundidge (by day vice-president and sales-manager of the Maize Mealies Company) had danced what he belligerently asserted to be a Finnish polka, that when Martin and Leora were driving home in a borrowed Health Department car he snarled, "Lee, why can’t you ever take any trouble with what you wear?

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as in: asserted her opinion that... Define
to say that something is true -- especially something disputed
as in: asserted her authority Define
to be forceful in exercising rights
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