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unspecified meaning
  • You don’t appreciate but— Old man now.
  • Why, the average well-to-do man appreciated attention!

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  • You remember you were saying how few girls there are in Mohalis that really appreciate—appreciate ideals.
  • He was determined that he would not love it and, as he probably had no sense of humor whatever, it is doubtful whether he appreciated it, but its differentness aroused him.
  • You remember you were saying how few girls there are in Mohalis that really appreciate—appreciate ideals.
  • The minute he begins to see that other folks appreciate and reward your skill, that minute he must begin to feel your power and so to get well.
  • —I certainly appreciate them here when I listen to these stick in the muds going on, oh, it is too dreadful, about their automobiles & how much they have to pay their maids and so on & so forth.
  • I’ve gotten quite a lot of appreciation in my small way for some of these things that didn’t hardly take me five minutes to dash off.
  • My people pay me an excellent living wage, they appreciate my work, and they honor me by election to the schoolboard.
  • We’ll find some big place where they’ll appreciate your work.

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  • Ye-es, I suppose we did, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t appreciate you.
  • Honestly, I can appreciate how you feel, and sympathize with you—I mean, of course, providin’ you aren’t ever going to see her again.
  • Believe me, she’s a darling, and she did appreciate my spiel at the church, and if you think I’m going to sit up all night listening to you sneering at my work and my friends— I’m going to have a hot bath.
  • It makes me tired to have you fall for his scientific tripe and not appreciate Stokes.
  • You know, I mean all the crazy things I say in my lectures, but let us now forget being earnest, let us drink, let us sing ’Der Graf von Luxemburg,’ let us detach exquisite girls from their escorts, let us discuss the joys of ’Die Meistersinger,’ which only I appreciate!
  • It happened that he was, without Martin or Gottlieb ever understanding it, the most brilliant as well as the least pompous and therefore least appreciated warrior against epidemics that the world has known.
  • He resisted, but they said in a high hurt manner, "Why, my boy, if you’re going to be a public official, and if you have the slightest appreciation of their efforts to make you welcome here—" Leora and he found themselves with so many invitations that they, who had deplored the dullness of Wheatsylvania, complained now that they could have no quiet evenings at home.
  • He won a brief tolerance by explaining that he really had longed to kiss her good-night, that he did appreciate the basket of sandwiches which she had sent, and that he was about to remove pneumonia from the human race, a statement which he healthily doubted.
  • Of all these forces Martin was more or less aware, and behind them he fancied that doubtful business men, sellers of impure ice-cream and milk, owners of unsanitary shops and dirty tenements, men who had always hated Pickerbaugh but who had feared to attack him because of his popularity, were gathering to destroy the entire Department of Public Health…… He appreciated Pickerbaugh in those days, and loved soldier-wise the Department.
  • While the other rickety cars of the village announced to the world, or at least to several square miles of the world, that Wheatsylvania was the "Wonder Town of Central N. D.," Martin’s clattering Ford went bare; and when his enemy Norblom remarked, "I like to see a fellow have some public spirit and appreciate the place he gets his money outa," the citizenry nodded and spat, and began to question Martin’s fame as a worker of miracles.
  • …things together! "To be ever so frank, there are very few men in our world (think of poor old Yeo!) who combine presentable personalities with firstrate achievement, and if you’ll just get over some of your abruptness and your unwillingness to appreciate big executives and charming women (because, thank God, you do wear your clothes well— when you take the trouble!) why, you and I can become the dictators of science throughout the whole country!" Martin did not think of an answer till…
  • What hurts is to think of old Roger—so gay, so strong, real Skull and Bones—and to have this abrupt Outsider from the tall grass sitting in his chair, failing to appreciate his Pol Roger— What Joyce ever saw in him! Though he does have nice eyes and such funny strong hands—" VI.

  • There are no more uses of "appreciate" in the book.

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as in: I appreciate her efforts. Define
to recognize the value or importance of and/or: to be grateful for
as in: I appreciate the complexities Define
to understand a situation-often one with important complications
as in: We hope our home will appreciate Define
to increase in value
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