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As I Lay Dying
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As I Lay Dying
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as in: profound sadness Define
of greatest intensity or emotional depth
  • the profound desolation of the ocean

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  • Her apology was heartfelt—expressing profound sorrow and regret.
  • It was a profound spiritual experience that changed her life.

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unspecified meaning
  • Pa leans above the bed in the twilight, his humped silhouette partaking of that owl-like quality of awry-feathered, disgruntled outrage within which lurks a wisdom too profound or too inert for even thought.
  • He opens his eyes, staring profoundly up at our inverted faces.

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  • In the wagon bed it lies profoundly, the long pale planks hushed a little with wetting yet still yellow, like gold seen through water, save for two long muddy smears.
  • He lies on his back, his thin profile in silhouette, ascetic and profound against the sky.
  • We replace the splints, the cords, drawing them tight, the cement in thick pale green slow surges among the cords, Cash watching us quietly with that profound questioning look.
  • They too are breathing now with a deep groaning sound; looking back once, their gaze sweeps across us with in their eyes a wild, sad, profound and despairing quality as though they had already seen in the thick water the shape of the disaster which they could not speak and we could not see.
  • It talks up to us in a murmur become ceaseless and myriad, the yellow surface dimpled monstrously into fading swirls travelling along the surface for an instant, silent, impermanent and profoundly significant, as though just beneath the surface something huge and alive waked for a moment of lazy alertness out of and into light slumber again.
  • I would think about his name until after a while I could see the word as a shape, a vessel, and I would watch him liquefy and flow into it like cold molasses flowing out of the darkness into the vessel, until the jar stood full and motionless: a significant shape profoundly without Me like an empty door frame; and then I would find that I had forgotten the name of the jar.
  • Gillespie and Mack pass me, in knee-length nightshirts, shouting, their voices thin and high and meaningless and at the same time profoundly wild and sad: ". cow . stall ." Gillespie’s nightshirt rushes ahead of him on the draft, ballooning about his hairy thighs.
  • He looks about quietly, at the position of the trees, leaning this way and that, looking back along the floorless road shaped vaguely high in air by the position of the lopped and felled trees, as if the road too had been soaked free of earth and floated upward, to leave in its spectral tracing a monument to a still more profound desolation than this above which we now sit, talking quietly of old security and old trivial things.

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as in: profound idea Define
deep or far-reaching in intellect or consequence
as in: profound sadness Define
of greatest intensity or emotional depth
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