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Shakespeare -- as in: William Shakespeare
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  • Mrs. Ole Jenson said that Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died 1616.
  • Many people believed that Shakespeare was the greatest play-wright who ever lived, also a fine poet.
  • When Mrs. Dawson’s coffee and angel’s-food had helped them to recover from the depression caused by thoughts of Shakespeare’s death they all told Carol that it was a pleasure to have her with them.
  • Miss Stowbody expressed the fundamental principle of the American drama: the only way to be artistic is to present Shakespeare.
  • The poor lady smiled neuralgically, panted with fright, scrabbled about the small oak table to find her eye-glasses, and continued, "We will first have the pleasure of hearing Mrs. Jenson on the subject ’Shakespeare and Milton.’

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  • As Shakespeare said, "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."
  • We enjoy Shakespeare in the Park programs during the summer.

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