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speculate -- as in: don't know, but I'll speculate
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Main Street
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  • "Guess we’re about in for a blizzard," speculated Kennicott
  • She stared with seriousness at every concrete crossing, every hitching-post, every rake for leaves; and to each house she devoted all her speculation.
  • In shame she knew that they glanced appraisingly at her snowy overshoes, speculating about her legs.
  • Her dejection was relieved by speculation as to what the men were discussing, in the corner between the piano and the phonograph.
  • Would he not betray himself an alien cynic who should otherwise portray Main Street, or distress the citizens by speculating whether there may not be other faiths?
  • Cy was no longer the weedy boy who had sat in the loft speculating about Carol’s egotism and the mysteries of generation.
  • Much speculation with Bea: Had the obstetrical case taken longer than he had expected?
  • Vida speculated, "Do you know that I may not be here next year?"
  • The movies were almost as vital to Kennicott and the other solid citizens of Gopher Prairie as land-speculation and guns and automobiles.
  • She was quickened by the speculation in his eyes.
  • VII She tried to free herself from the speculation and disillusionment which had been twitching at her; sought to dismiss all the opinionation of an insurgent era.
  • They speculated as to how flats could be lashed together to form a wall; they hung crocus-yellow curtains at the windows; they blacked the sheet-iron stove; they put on aprons and swept.
  • In charge of the campaign was Mr. James Blausser, who had recently come to town to speculate in land.
  • She was humbled by his humility; she put away in her mind, to take out and worry over later, a speculation as to whether it was not she who was naive.
  • She did not finish her speculation.
  • She speculated, "I could have made so much of him——"
  • Carol speculated.

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  • philosophers have speculated on the question of God for thousands of years
  • We were speculating as to whether a president would have to resign after that kind of scandal.

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