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  • He never inquired.
  • At the Athletic Club he led unwilling men aside to inquire, "Say, if you had to read a paper before a big convention, would you start in with the funny stories or just kind of scatter ’cause all through?"
  • He was solicitous about lighting her cigarette and inquiring as to her comfort.
  • He inquired in a voice quick with sympathy: "I suppose you have a lot of fellows who try to get fresh with you."
  • He drifted out to the City Hospital to inquire about Zilla.
  • She made him feel puffy, and at his best-beloved daily jokes she looked gently inquiring.
  • She had come to inquire about renting an apartment, and he took her away from the unskilled girl accountant.
  • His resentment was night-blurred; he was solicitous in inquiring, "What’s the trouble, hon?"
  • "How’s it going, Captain?" inquired Vergil Gunch.
  • He went in to mumble that he was "sorry, didn’t mean to be grouchy," and to inquire as to her interest in movies.
  • Club members whose names he did not know stopped him to inquire, "How’s your good lady getting on?"
  • He made Babbitt feel rich and important by his manner of inquiring, "What is your favorite tonic, sir?
  • When mobs raided the news-stands, at each was stationed a militiaman, a young, embarrassed citizen-soldier with eye-glasses, bookkeeper or grocery-clerk in private life, trying to look dangerous while small boys yelped, "Get onto de tin soldier!" and striking truck-drivers inquired tenderly, "Say, Joe, when I was fighting in France, was you in camp in the States or was you doing Swede exercises in the Y. M. C. A.?

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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