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  • He did think it was a very nice word indeed, and constantly useful to a busy worker, but her smile was desirable.
  • There were fine wrinkles beside his eyes, he rolled Bull Durham cigarettes constantly, and his opinion of man’s honor and woman’s virtue was but low.
  • Wickett often worked all night; he was to be seen in shirt-sleeves, his sulky red hair rumpled, sitting with a stop-watch before a constant temperature bath for hours.
  • Her conviction that everything was all right was constantly struggling with her knowledge that a great many things seemed to be all wrong.
  • Dr. Sholtheis, who had been born to a synagogue in Russia but who was now the most zealous highchurch Episcopalian in Yonkers, was constantly in his polite small way trying to have his scientific work commended by Gottlieb.
  • But in dreams he was constantly upsetting a rack of test-tubes or breaking a flask.
  • Gottlieb constantly asked Martin for advice, and never took it.
  • Constant criticism was good, if only it was not spiteful, jealous, petty— No, even then it might be good! Some men had to be what easy-going workers called "spiteful."
  • They flocked from the house to his laboratory only once a week, which was certainly not enough to disturb a resolute man—merely enough to keep him constantly waiting for them.
  • He was going to specialize in bacteriology; he was going to discover enchanting new germs; Professor Gottlieb was going to recognize him as a genius, make him an assistant, predict for him—He halted in Gottlieb’s private laboratory, a small, tidy apartment with racks of cottoncorked test-tubes on the bench, a place unimpressive and unmagical save for the constant-temperature bath with its tricky thermometer and electric bulbs.
  • …morning, with hospital demonstrations in the afternoon; to supervise the making of media and the sterilization of glassware for Gottlieb; to instruct a new class in the use of the microscope and filter and autoclave; to read a page now and then of scientific German or French; to see Madeline constantly; to get through it all he drove himself to hysterical hurrying, and in the dizziest of it he began his first original research—his first lyric, his first ascent of unexplored mountains.
  • …told him to go ahead, and now and then stirred him by showing his own note-books (they were full of figures and abbreviations, stupid-seeming as invoices of calico) or by speaking of his own work, in a vocabulary as heathenish as Tibetan magic: "Arrhenius and Madsen have made a contribution toward bringing immunity reactions under the mass action law, but I hope to show that antigen-antibody combinations occur in stoicheiometric proportions when certain variables are held constant."
  • Then: "Mart, if you went on working with Mr. Wickett, you’d have to be leaving me constantly.

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  • The history of computers is a history of constant technological advancement.
  • She is in constant pain.

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