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as in: submitted her resignation Define
to quit -- especially a job or position; or a document expressing such an act
  • I won’t resign, and if you do fire me I think I’ll take it to the courts,

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  • I know you’re unhappy there, but don’t submit your resignation until you find a better job.
  • She said that if I don’t resign, I will be fired.

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unspecified meaning
  • And Martin resigned from the fraternity with him, planned to room with him the coming autumn.
  • No! I will not resign!

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  • Now unless you immediately turn over a new leaf, young man, I shall have to suspend you for the rest of the year and, if that doesn’t do the work, I shall have to ask for your resignation.
  • He still had a month of teaching—they had dated ahead the resignation which they had written for him—but he was too dispirited to go to the laboratory.
  • For himself, he hinted, if he ever believed that the school would profit by his resignation he would go at once, but he needed a rather broader suggestion than a letter from one of his own subordinates!
  • The chairman of the Board of Regents suggested, "Gottlieb, I think it would simplify things if you just handed us your resignation and permitted us to part in good feeling, instead of having the unpleasant—"
  • There came from Mayor Pugh a hint that he would save trouble by resigning.
  • Pickerbaugh wrote to Martin from Washington: I greatly regret to hear that you have resigned your post.
  • I’ll starve before I’ll resign!
  • You’ll starve if you don’t resign, and your wife, too.

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  • Dr. Bissex first discharged Rufus Ockford, which took five minutes, went out and addressed a Y.M.C.A. meeting, then bustled in and invited Martin to resign.
  • He would not resign.
  • I’ll resign.
  • Lord! Gottlieb’ll resign, and I’ll have to get out.
  • Martin hastened to Terry, declaring that he would resign—would denounce— would expose— Yes! He would! He no longer had to support Leora.
  • Martin assumed that he would resign.
  • Martin did not resign from the Institute, and Joyce did not think about taking a house near Birdies’ Rest to the extent of doing it.
  • Holabird wrote that Gottlieb was "feeling seedy," that he had resigned the Directorship, suspended his own experimentation, and was now at home, resting.
  • As Martin began his paper, thinking of resigning but giving it up because Tubbs seemed to him at least better than the Pickerbaughs, he had a vision of a world of little scientists, each busy in a roofless cell.
  • Before noon he had gone to the Institute, resigned, taken certain of his own apparatus and notes and books and materials, refused to answer a telephone call from Joyce, and caught a train for Vermont.
  • Over the Nautilus Cornfield’s announcement was the vigorous headline: ALMUS PICKERBAUGH WINS First Scientist Ever Elected to Congress Side-kick of Darwin and Pasteur Gives New Punch to Steering Ship of State Pickerbaugh’s resignation was to take effect at once; he was, he explained, going to Washington before his term began, to study legislative methods and start his propaganda for the creation of a national Secretaryship of Health.
  • …the superiority of fresh air to warmth in schools, about the hygienic dangers of dirty streets about the real danger of alcohol, about the value of face-masks in influenza epidemics, about most of the things they tub-thumped in their campaigns, Pickerbaugh merely became angry, and Martin wanted to resign, and saw Irving Watters again, and returned to Pickerbaugh with new zeal, and was in general as agitated and wretched as a young revolutionist discovering the smugness of his leaders.
  • Dr. Billy Smith whispered that he had gone in to see Tubbs and heard McGurk shouting at him, "Your job is to run this shop and not work for that land-stealing, four-flushing, playproducing son of evil, Pete Minnigen!" The morning after, when Martin ambled to his laboratory, he discovered a gasping, a muttering, a shaking in the corridors, and incredulously he heard: "Tubbs has resigned!"
  • He strolled away, he went to the dean, and remarked: "Oh, Dean Silva, I just dropped in to tell you I’ve decided to resign from the medic school.
  • It was by telephone message from a brusque girl clerk in the president’s office that he was informed that "his resignation had been accepted.
  • V. When the Nautilus papers announced that Martin had resigned, the good citizens chuckled, "Resigned?
  • V. When the Nautilus papers announced that Martin had resigned, the good citizens chuckled, "Resigned?
  • "I’m damned if I will resign!"

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as in: submitted her resignation Define
to quit -- especially a job or position; or a document expressing such an act
as in: accepted it with resignation Define
acceptance of something undesired as unavoidable or the lesser of evils
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