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  • Before he had sufficiently recovered from his fury to be able to reply, his household was overwhelmed by his wife’s sudden agony.
  • Though he meddled little in politics, considering them the most repetitious and least scientific of human activities, he was a sufficiently patriotic German to hate the Junkers.
  • He was roused by a suspicion that the Hunziker vaccine had insufficient living organisms, and he went yelping on the trail of his hypothesis.
  • He realized that to a civilized man the fact that Pickerbaugh advocated any reform would be sufficient reason for ignoring it.
  • There had been, he felt, a rush of admiring patients sufficient to justify them in the one thing Leora and he longed to do, the thing about which they whispered at night: the purchase of a motor car for his country calls.
  • Martin had with him sufficient equipment for a small laboratory, and he established it in a bedroom with gas and running water.
  • Martin survived it sufficiently to sound domestic when he announced at the supper-table: "We had a bully drive.
  • Dr. Brumfit rattled: "I’m sufficiently liberal, I should assume, toward the claims of science, but with a man like Gottlieb—I’m prepared to believe that he knows all about material forces, but what astounds me is that such a man can be blind to the vital force that creates all others.

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  • We have sufficient supplies.
  • Is there sufficient cause for a search warrant?

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