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  • The purpose of life was chemistry and physics and the prospect of biology next year.
  • He was a follower of Helmholtz, and youthful researches in the physics of sound convinced him of the need of the quantitative method in the medical sciences.
  • He applied to a Chicago teachers’ agency, and received a stilted answer promising to look about and inquiring whether he would care to take the position of teacher of physics and chemistry in a suburban high school.
  • I was a follower of Helmholtz—what a wild blithering young fellow! I tried to make researches in the physics of sound—I was bad, most unbelievable, but I learned that in this wale of tears there is nothing certain but the quantitative method.
  • The well-known Dr. Tom Bissex is football coach, health director, and professor of hygiene, chemistry, physics, French, and German.
  • In the Department of Bio-Physics, the good-natured chief was reviled and envied by his own assistant.
  • Instantly, for all but the zealots like Gottlieb, Terry, Martin, and the bio-physics assistant, research was halted.
  • Rippleton Holabird, Yeo the carpenter-like biologist, Gillingham the joky chief in bio-physics, Aaron Sholtheis the neat Russian Jewish High Church Episcopalian, all of them went about with expressions of modest willingness.
  • They prepared sera; the assistant in the Department of Bio-Physics was inventing electrified wire entanglements; Dr. Billy Smith, who six months before had been singing Studentenlieder at Luchow’s, was working on poison gas to be used against all singers of Lieder; and to Martin was assigned the manufacture of lipovaccine, a suspension of finely ground typhoid and paratyphoid organisms in oil.

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  • MIT is known for teaching physics.
  • At college I had to take a required course in physics and chemistry.
    Sylvia Plath  --  The Bell Jar

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