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  • Here he made his first investigation of toxin-anti-toxin reactions.
  • Here he made his first investigation of toxin-anti-toxin reactions.
  • When Tubbs peeped into his laboratory he found a humorless young man going about his tests of hemolytic toxins with no apparent flair for the Real Big Thing in Science, which was co-operation and being efficient.
  • "Oh, yes, I see," said Martin; and to himself: "Well, I darn near a quarter understand that! Oh, Lord, if they’ll only give me a little time and not send me back to tacking up diphtheria posters!" When he had obtained a satisfactory toxin, Martin began his effort to find an antitoxin.
  • You’re the wrong Arrowsmith! Get out!" He had isolated twenty strains of staphylococcus germs and he was testing them to discover which of them was most active in producing a hemolytic, a blood-disintegrating toxin, so that he might produce an antitoxin.

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  • toxins leaked into the groundwater
  • Thomas felt as if that bubble of air in his chest had burst, releasing toxins into his body.
    James Dashner  --  The Maze Runner

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