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  • Next day he was summoned to a special meeting of the University Council.
  • Hunziker did his summoning very well indeed (unless it happened to be merely a stenographer).
  • Dr. Stout summoned Clif, as president of the Freshmen.
  • But the dean was not going to summon him at once; he was going to keep him waiting in torture, then execute him in public.
  • In unbelievable simplicity he considered that, as his quarrel with Silva was not personal, he could still summon him, and this time he was justified.
  • She had been summoned home to Dakota, perhaps for months, on the ground that her mother was unwell, and he had, or thought he had, to see her daily.
  • Hunziker summoned him to the office next day.
  • He summoned forth London laboratories, dinners on frosty evenings in Stockholm, walks on the Pincio with sunset behind the dome of San Pietro, extreme danger and overpowering disgust from excreta-smeared garments in an epidemic at Marseilles.
  • Once the ignition ceased and, while they awaited a garageman summoned by telephone, they viewed a dairy farm with an electrical milking machine.
  • Next day he summoned Martin, and protested.
  • V. For once Gottlieb did not amble into his laboratory but curtly summoned him.
  • Martin was reading this article, trying to realize that it was actually exposed in a fabulous New York magazine, with a million circulation, when Pickerbaugh summoned him.
  • No Pickerbaugh or Rouncefield could burst in here and drag him away to be explanatory and plausible and public; he would be free to work, instead of being summoned to the package-wrapping and dictation of breezy letters which men call work.
  • The central was now demoralized by the plague, and when for two hours Martin had tried to have Leora summoned, he gave up.
  • He was summoned into the reception-room of the department to explain to angry citizens why the garage next door to them should smell of gasoline; he went back to his cubbyhole to dictate letters to school-principals about dental clinics; he drove out to Swede Hollow to see what attention the food and dairy inspector had given to the slaughterhouses; he ordered a family in Shantytown quarantined; and escaped at last into the laboratory.
  • A few days after their arrival Martin was summoned to the telephone to hear a masculine voice rasping: "Hello.
  • That evening, when he was playing poker in his flat with Irving Watters, the school-clinic dentist, and a young doctor from the city clinic, the telephone bell summoned him to an excited but saccharine: "This is Orchid.
  • Whether it was the compulsion of McGurk or the demands of the public-spirited, or whether Gottlieb’s own imagination aroused enough to visualize the far-off misery of the blacks in the canefields, he summoned Martin and remarked: "It comes to me that there is pneumonic plague in Manchuria and bubonic in St. Hubert, in the West Indies.

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  • I was summoned to the principal’s office.
  • I summoned all my courage and walked into the room.

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