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  • While Clif waited, leering, she placidly investigated the inside of a chicken sandwich and assented, "Um-huh."
  • He used thought-forms, will-power, and hypnotism, and when he rose, defeated, she was still there, extremely placid.
  • The rest of the time they fished, swam, and tramped the shadowy trails, and Martin came back to Mohalis placid—and enormously in love with Madeline.
  • Gottlieb, the placidly virulent hater of religious rites, had a religious-seeming custom.
  • Leora, frowning placidly, the tip of her tongue at the corner of her mouth, guarded the temperature like a good little watchdog.
  • While he puttered his insignificant way through the early years of the Great European War, the McGurk Institute had a lively existence under its placid surface.
  • He came home hating Hesselink but by no means loving himself; he fell upon Leora and, to her placid agreement, announced that they were "going to get educated, if it kills us."
  • His masterpieces Sondelius acclaimed, he alone placid among the scary patrons who came in now not to dream but to gulp and flee.
  • Through this placid hour, or it may have been an hour and a half, Martin saw that Orchid was observing his hair, his jaw, his hands, and he had, and dismissed, and had again a thought about the innocent agreeableness of holding her small friendly paw.
  • No matter how brief the jaunt, she must first go to her room for white gloves—placidly stand there drawing them on…… And in London she made him buy spats …. and even wear them.
  • She was placidly astonished when he clumped away with none of the obedient reverence which any example of cultured American womanhood has a right to expect from all males, even foreigners.
  • If the business of the Institute was not more complicated thereby, certainly its placidity was the more disturbed by the appearance of Gustaf Sondelius, who had just returned from a study of sleeping sickness in Africa and who noisily took one of the guest laboratories.
  • Wait’ll I sneak in a drink," said Martin placidly.
  • …that a certain number of monkeys recovered by themselves, and this they allowed for by simple-looking figures which took days of stiff, shoulder-aching sitting over papers …. one wild-haired collarless man at a table, while the other walked among stinking cages of monkeys, clucking to them, calling them Bess and Rover, and grunting placidly, "Oh, you would bite me, would you, sweetheart!" and all the while, kindly but merciless as the gods, injecting them with the deadly pneumonia.
  • There was nothing heroic in her story but from her placid way of telling it he had an impression of gay courage.

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  • a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay
  • I scan their faces, trying to look as placid as possible.
    Veronica Roth  --  Insurgent

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