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  • Now she drew him into the back parlor and "So I’m going off to Washington—and you don’t care a bit!" she said, her eyes blurred and languorous and undefended.
  • She lay on the coverlet of her berth, in the tropic languidness, a slight figure in a frivolous nightgown.
  • He could not comprehend that he was really going to a place of palm trees and brown faces and languid Christmas Eves.
  • They devoured paw-paws and breadfruit and avocados, bought from coffee-colored natives who came alongside in nervous small boats; they felt the languor of the isles, and panted before they approached Barbados.
  • He tried to assure her, to assure himself, that he did care with peculiar violence, but languor was over him; between him and her fragrance were the hospital cots, a great weariness, and the still face of Leora.

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  • No urging could increase his languid pace.
  • a languid wave of the hand

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