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  • He wanted to talk about Leora, to shout about Leora, to exult in her, his woman.
  • "Good night, dear love—my love forever," he exulted.
  • They sat on the back stoop, exulting in freedom from Tozers.
  • The speed, the casting away of all caution, wrought in him a high exultation, and it was blessed to be in the cool air and alone, after the strain of Mrs. Novak’s watching.
  • "I’m free, by thunder at last I’m free, because I’ve worked up to something that’s worth being free for!" he exulted.
  • Then to his laboratory at McGurk was brought a black-and-red card: CLIFFORD L. CLAWSON (Clif) TOP NOTCH GUARANTEED OIL INVESTMENTS Higham Block Butte "Clif! Good old Clif! The best friend a man ever had! That time he lent me the money to get to Leora! Old Clif! By golly I need somebody like him, with Terry out of it and all these tea-hounds around me!" exulted Martin.
  • He exulted, "I’m going to have ’cause all—the fame of Max Gottlieb—I mean his ability—and the lovely music and lovely women— Golly!
  • This is real sure-enough life," he exulted, and he did not permit himself to see the vision of Max Gottlieb waiting there, so gaunt, so tired, so patient.

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  • While she enjoyed the endless coverage and exultation of Amy Elliott Dunne.
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl
  • It was wild and exulting, like a hawk’s shrill cry.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind

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