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  • At home he clamored that his father was a "tightwad."
  • They were all bouncing, all blond, all pretty, all eager, all musical, and not merely pure but clamorously clean-minded.
  • He was eager to have Martin invent and clamor about his own Causes and Movements.
  • Bert came back clamoring that every motor in town must carry a Wheatsylvania pennant.
  • At the cabin there was a clamor of disembarkation.
  • Tredgold came into the laboratory, a half-hour later, with much clamor.
  • He felt that there should be a clamor from this exotic world, but there was only a rebuking stillness, and even Sondelius became dumb, though he had his moment.
  • Inchcape Jones assured the doubtful Leora that she would nowhere else be so safe; the house was rat-proofed, and the doctor had caught the plague at the pier, had died without ever coming back to this well-beloved bungalow in which he, the professional bachelor, had given the most clamorous parties in St. Hubert.
  • Holding out his hand he clamored: "Angus, old man, want to congratulate you on getting Sigma Xi.
  • Ira clenched his fist and scowled, then belched with laughter, slapped Martin distressingly on the back, and clamored, "Brother, you’ve got to do better than that to get Ira’s goat!
  • So insistent was the thought that for a time he did not realize that Mrs. Novak was clamoring, "She is dead?
  • When the neighborhood suddenly achieved a real epidemic of diphtheria and Martin shakily preached antitoxin, one-half of them remembered his failure to save Mary Novak and the other half clamored, "Oh, give us a rest!
  • Tubbs gasped, assaulted his whiskers, did a moment of impressive thinking, and clamored: "Do you mean to say you think you’ve discovered an infectious disease of bacteria, and you haven’t told me about it?

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  • She ignored the clamor of the crowd.
  • Noisy clamor gave way to reasoned dialogue.

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