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All Quiet on the Western Front
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retort -- as in: quick retort
Used In
All Quiet on the Western Front
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  • "That’s none of your business," retorts Himmelstoss.
  • "Have you ever dug peat?" he retorts good-naturedly.
  • "A bit longer than you, I fancy," he retorts.
  • "Then I can be going home right away," retorts Tjaden, and we all laugh, "Ach, man! he means the people as a whole, the State—" exclaims Miller.
  • Tjaden retorts in the well-known phrase from Goethe’s "Gotz von Berlichingen," with which he is always free.
  • "How does the cow-shit come on the roof?" retorts Miller laconically, and turns to Haie Westhus again.

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  • She wanted to retort that he that he sounded more foolish than he looked, but she made herself count to ten and thought better of it.
  • She retorted, "Takes one to know one."

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