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Washington Square
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Washington Square
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  • It has a kind of established repose which is not of frequent occurrence in other quarters of the long, shrill city; it has a riper, richer, more honourable look than any of the upper ramifications of the great longitudinal thoroughfare—the look of having had something of a social history.
  • Her father would care equally little whether Morris were established in business or transported for life.

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  • He has been all over the world, and tried to establish himself everywhere; but his evil star was against him.
  • With Catherine’s later wooers she failed to establish relations as intimate as those which had given her so many interesting hours in the society of Morris Townsend.
  • I am afraid he has not been very successful—that he has never got thoroughly established.

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as in: establish a positive tone. Define
create or start
as in: establish that there is a need Define
show or determine (cause to be recognized or figure out)
as in: establish the company as a leader Define
cause long-term acceptance, reputation, or success
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