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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - (13 chapter version)
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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - (13 chapter version)
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  • However, whatever was my motive,— and it may have been pride, for I used to be very proud,—I certainly struggled to the door.
  • However, I don’t propose to discuss politics, sociology, or metaphysics with you.

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  • Now and then, however, he is horribly thoughtless, and seems to take a real delight in giving me pain.
  • People will some day, however.
  • They commit one mistake, however.
  • However, tell me about your genius.
  • However, just as you wish.
  • One thing, however, he felt that it had done for him.
  • Sometimes, however, a tragedy that has artistic elements of beauty crosses our lives.
  • Ultimately, however, it did die.

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  • And, yet, who, that knew anything about Life, would surrender the chance of remaining always young, however fantastic that chance might be, or with what fateful consequences it might be fraught?
  • It was remarked, however, that those who had been most intimate with him appeared, after a time, to shun him.
  • However, it wasn’t about myself I wanted to talk.
  • He was an excellent musician, however, as well, and played both the violin and the piano better than most amateurs.
  • They have been very fortunate lately, however.

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as in: However, complications may... Define
despite that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, and on the other hand.)
as in: However much she tried... Define
to whatever degree (regardless of how much)
as in: However you do it, get it done! Define
in whatever way
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